3 Spaces Where Better Sound Masking Improves Your Business

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Limit distractions, increase the efficiency of meetings and more with proper soundproofing for your commercial space

It’s important for you and your employees to be able to focus on their tasks during the workday. If they can’t work in a focused manner, it’s much more difficult for them to finish the work they need to do that keeps your business running smoothly.

This is why it’s so important to minimize distractions for you and your workforce, and one of the most common distractions in any business is sound. Whether it’s an overly boisterous colleague speaking too loudly in a meeting room, the sounds of construction equipment outside, general workplace chatter, or something else, all of these distractions hamper workplace productivity. One way to counteract distractions like this to install a sound masking system, and today we’ll show you three spaces where sound masking can make a significant improvement to your New York City business.

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If you’re having a staff meeting or have brought a client into your boardroom for an important presentation, you need to minimize the sound coming into the room. Without sound masking outside the room, you’ll have too much noise filtering in for everyone inside to easily hear the presentation. You can eliminate these distractions with sound masking outside the room and a noise-filtering system inside. This way, everyone can hear what’s being said without any issues.


Employees in management or human resources roles need private spaces for exchanging critical, confidential information; it’s a vital requirement for them to do their jobs carefully and with discretion. While honesty and transparency are important, managers need to make decisions without having to worry about being overheard by anyone walking past their office. And if an employee needs to bring a complaint or another sensitive matter to HR, they need reassurance that their conversation will be kept confidential; otherwise, you risk potential legal action against you or other consequences. You can maintain privacy and discretion in these critical spaces with proper sound masking.


Truth be told, every space in your business should be insulated from outside noise, and that includes the common areas where most of your employees work. Workers in non-management roles still have critical tasks to perform, and they deserve to work in a quiet, comfortable space. And as we mentioned above, sound masking also keeps obtrusive voices out of more critical spaces like your boardroom. Sound masking in both your common areas and your boardroom provides a dual layer of noise-protection and makes the sound masking in both spaces more effective.


If you’re ready to bring a more calm, inviting and productive atmosphere to your New York City business, now’s the time to get started on a sound masking system. Learn more about our commercial automation solutions by calling (973) 276-0909. You can also check out our contact page for more information, and be sure to read about our 24/7 support services.

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