Why a Small Cell Network Is The Right Solution for Your Business

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Now is the Time to Make a Much-Needed Upgrade to Your Business Network

Whether you have one or several large buildings that experience consistent in-building coverage issues, distributed facilities with similar issues, or a campus environment so spread out that coverage is inconsistent, small cell networks are the cost-effective answer.

Today’s business environments rely more and more heavily on cellular networks as the workforce increasingly comes equipped with smart devices and firms themselves deploy smart technology for a variety of uses in just about any facility you can think of.

What was once a luxury 10 years ago has become a necessity, and with the ongoing rollout of 5G networks and the ever-increasing expansion of IoT technology, the need for powerful-yet-cost-effective small cell networks will only increase. With many Morrison, NJ properties currently vacant, it’s the perfect time to bring in networking experts to set up the proper infrastructure.

For our enterprise-level customers and small-to-medium-sized businesses, we recommend SpiderCloud Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) for two primary reasons.

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1. Cost Savings Without Loss of Quality

One of the biggest reasons we recommend SpiderCloud Enterprise RAN (E-RAN) systems to our customers is the ability to save them money while still delivering the level of quality they expect. That’s because SpiderCloud offers a scalable system with one service node being able to manage up to 100 dual-carrier radio nodes. Each radio node serves as a cellular boost for your connection, letting you create up to 250 capacity hotspots throughout your property.

While costs always vary, we’ve seen some of our customers save up to 70% of the cost of a traditional base station. Savings like that speak for themselves. E-RAN offers the capacity you need in the areas you need it, so you never have to worry about quality issues.

2. Ease of Use—E-RAN Can Be Deployed Like a Wi-Fi Network and Securely Share Your LAN via Private VLAN

The ease of deployment is another reason the SpiderCloud system is both cost effective and efficient. By deploying the system over your ethernet LAN, you avoid the need to pull coaxial cables throughout your buildings, saving on deployment time and preventing potential damage to your building while allowing your buildings to remain open to both customers and employees. Once the service node is set up, it will configure all radio nodes itself, reducing installation time.

Because the small cell network can be linked to your secure VLAN, your security is increased for you, your employees, and your customers without any additional upgrades needed.

It’s the perfect solution to any enterprise or small-to-medium-sized business looking for a small cell network that saves money and time while providing a similar level of quality you would expect from a traditional base station.

Let’s Bring Everything Together—Intelligently

Communications infrastructure is part of our DNA at ALLIANCE, and we make it part of yours. Let’s talk about how we can help your firm build the infrastructure you need at a cost that makes sense. Reach out to us by filling our online contact form, giving us a call, or chatting with us below.

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