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These are challenging times, and recent circumstances around the globe have taken away one of your greatest tools—the face-to-face encounter. However, obstacles often help the best in class take their performances to an even higher level.

If our businesses, schools, and organizations are going to continue to thrive in the current climate of uncertainty, we must achieve precision and professionalism with maximum flexibility to keep the wheels of our endeavors turning. That means video conferencing of the highest standards.

Execution is still everything and being hampered by technical glitches just won’t do.

As a leading Unified Communication Company with customers in New York City, NY, we believe it’s critical to harness sharp, professional video conferencing capabilities that enable your teams to effectively communicate and collaborate across all distances and boundaries.

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Seamless Integration of Hardware and Software

Microsoft Teams and Cisco Webex rooms are among the leading tools that organizations rely on when traditional in-person encounters just aren’t feasible. These virtual connections make the impossible possible—from board meetings to virtual team cocktail hours or one-on-one collaboration—even when participants are spread across the globe.

The video conference concept isn’t exactly new. However, your organization likely needs more than a patchwork solution.

Throwing video conferencing software on every team member’s laptop and hoping for the best might be satisfactory for a quick department meeting or team huddle, but it won’t have the polished, professional performance your organization demands for serious meetings where appearances count.

Our physical hardware solutions make Microsoft Team and Cisco Webex meetings as smooth and hiccup-proof as possible—actual conference-room tech that’s designed precisely to seamlessly meld with pre-installed software. The specialized design means your entire system is ready to perform at its peak when you are.

All necessary video and audio functions are integrated into the conference room equipment. The harmony between software and hardware means the three biggest problems customers report are already handled:

  • Starting a meeting
  • Booking a meeting
  • Sharing content

Preset combinations of software and high-performance hardware by industry leaders like Crestron Flex provide turnkey solutions for conducting the smoothest of virtual meetings that start with the effortless tap of a button on your smart device of choice. Typical Microsoft Team or Cisco Webex packages include microphones, interactive whiteboards, and control touchpads.

You get the most reliable video and audio that hits all the right notes, effortless screen sharing, and seamless integration with your calendars, along with all sorts of other convenient features.

By removing those glitches and pain points common when software and hardware don’t cooperate, you create the most impactful experience possible every time your teams step up to the plate.

Ready for a Comprehensive Video Conferencing Solution?

With so much at stake and current business conditions demanding ingenious remote solutions, smooth and error-free presentation is everything. As experienced conference room integrators, we can craft a tailored teleconferencing solution for your company. Put smoother video conferencing to work for your company—click here, give us a call or chat with us below to get started.

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