2 Reasons Why You Need the Right Audio-Video Conferencing Setup

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Streamline Distance Collaboration With a Professionally-Installed System

The difference between a poor-quality audio-video conferencing setup and a high-quality setup is that one can cause serious problems in your business and reduce employee engagement while the other can increase employee engagement while making your business more efficient.

With distance collaboration taking center stage as businesses throughout Newark, NJ deal with social distancing directives, it’s the perfect time to reexamine your conferencing solution.


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1. A Poor Setup Can Make Meetings Inefficient (and Lead to Mistakes)

Meetings can be difficult at the best of times, and it’s often the case that digital meetings can be even worse. We all know that keeping employees engaged during long meetings is a losing battle, but the problem becomes exacerbated when your audio-video conferencing setup is low-quality.

A meeting needs to be run much in the same way that a live-speaking event must be run—if the speaker doesn’t engage the audience immediately, many listeners are lost who will never reengage.

Nothing disengages employees like audio-video problems that make the content difficult to read or see, sound issues that make everyone difficult to hear, and connectivity issues that cause the meeting to take longer to start.

When these things happen, meetings become grossly inefficient, often wasting the time of incredibly valuable team members. If you have members of your C-suite in an inefficient meeting, you could be wasting hundreds of dollars of their time while everyone tries to get the software working, money that adds up over time to thousands of dollars or more.

That lack of engagement can also lead to mistakes. Employees who aren’t paying attention or can’t hear/see what they need to might not let on that they’re not paying attention, all of which can lead to mistakes down the road when critical instructions are missed.

2. The Right Setup Keeps Employees On Task and Increases Employee Engagement

When meetings are efficient, employees are able to complete meetings quickly and get back on track. The right setup ensures that employees are on task, get the information they need quickly, and don’t come to dread the quality of the meetings.

When employees are forced into audio-visual conferences regularly that are poor quality, they will gradually become less and less engaged as time progresses. They will tune out of the meetings before they even happen, leading to reduced productivity over time as employees come to realize that there is no way out of these wasteful meetings.

Instead, opt for an audio video conferencing solution that is easy to use so people can share content freely. Opt for high-performance microphones, displays and speakers to ensure no messages get lost along the way. Additionally, our conference room installations include advanced room and meeting scheduling software to keep your entire company organized.

Let’s Get You the Right Audio-Visual Conferencing Setup

We have decades of experience helping our enterprise clients create the perfect audio-video conferencing setup for facilities of any shape and size. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We’ll find the right solution that works for you. Just reach out by clicking here, giving us a call or chatting with us below.

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