This Is Why Investing in Network Infrastructure Is so Critical

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Leverage the Power of a Robust, Reliable and Secure Network

Network infrastructure is a critical component of most facilities in the modern business world, but if you don’t invest in your infrastructure, you might be setting yourself up for a world of hurt.

Very few modern companies can do without internet and other critical pieces of network infrastructure, like VoIP or an intranet. When critical business functions rely on a stable network infrastructure in which all parts of the network are able to function seamlessly under even heavy loads, you can’t afford to have that infrastructure go down for even a moment.

And depending on your business and what you provide your customers, network problems could extend to your customers and cause them to lose faith in your ability to provide them the services they need, ultimately driving customers away and losing business that might have been kept with proper investment.

Along with the potential damage to your firm’s brand when you have significant network downtime, you have to worry about another potential problem—hackers. Below we showcase two network infrastructure solutions that can protect your business.

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Network Infrastructure That’s Not Secure Puts You at Risk, and Not Just From Hackers

One of the biggest problems that many of our customers never seem to consider is the importance of securing their network infrastructure. We recently worked with a client in Jersey City, NJ who had failed to invest in security, putting themselves and their clients at risk.

Depending on the type of data found on your network and the types of security you are required to provide for your employees’ and customers’ data, an unsecured network can put your firm at much worse risk than simply having customer or employee data stolen by hackers.

For instance, many industries are required to follow specific protocols to secure their data in order to remain in compliance with state or federal regulations. Even if a hacker does not attack your systems, you may find that you’ve violated these regulations, setting yourself up for a potentially heavy fine (or worse).

Depending on your industry, it’s possible you’ll be restricted in terms of the kind of business you can do, and it’s even possible your brand will be damaged permanently, losing you customers you might never get back. Some businesses even may be forced to deal with extensive government oversight well into the future.

The Value of Remote Network Monitoring and Management

Once your network infrastructure is secure, you need to keep it that way. Unless you have a massive internal IT department, you’ll likely benefit from turning management over to a qualified third party who specializes in managing and protecting complex networks.

Hiring full-time employees to manage your network is time consuming and expensive—especially if they leave for another firm and you have to scramble to replace them while keeping your infrastructure functioning. Working with a provider of managed services allows you to access the experts you need at a price that makes sense without having to worry about them leaving without notice.

You just have to make sure you choose the right firm to monitor and manage your network. The more interconnected the technology you employ, the more you rely on that technology to do business and keep your customers happy, and the more important it is to ensure the firm you’re working with is proactively monitoring your network and managing all required maintenance.

With 24/7 remote monitoring solutions, problems are resolved before you even notice them, and many are even prevented entirely. Add to that the fact that you no longer have to figure out how to fix these problems yourself and can instead rely on experts to ensure your network runs smoothly. You end up with greater peace of mind at a reduced price.

The Right Network Infrastructure Solutions for Your Firm

No matter the size of your firm or the complexity of your needs, we can discover the precise network infrastructure solutions that are right for you. Contact us today to discuss your needs. We’ll find the right solution. Just fill out our online contact form, give us a call or chat with us below.

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