3 Benefits of Temperature Sensor Technology During COVID-19

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Deploy Cutting-Edge Technology to Easily Screen Employees Upon Entry

COVID-19 has caused businesses to adapt their workplaces for the safety of their employees and clients, but many businesses aren’t prepared with the necessary technology to slow the spread of COVID-19. Temperature sensor technology—like the TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets—can help you screen employees who may be infected with this virus

While many non-essential businesses have been shut down by state or federal law, many businesses remain open and must be flexible in changing their workplace policies to protect employees from the spread of COVID-19.

TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets uses an infrared temperature sensor to calculate heat signatures of employees to alert you within 1 second of an employee who may be running a high temperature.

You simply aim the tablet at the employee and look at the results directly on the screen. This gives you a first line of screening that can be implemented by anyone with little-to-no training and allows you to send home potentially sick employees before they infect the rest of your workforce.

Many people are scared during this crisis of getting sick themselves or getting a family member sick and want to do everything they can to remain safe during these troubled times, so businesses that respond well by changing their policies and implementing new technologies will put their employees at ease and help them feel more comfortable and productive at work.

COVID-19 threatens to destroy many small businesses as the economy changes during this global event. Many businesses, both small and large, could be closed down as a result. Businesses that stop spread among employees and remain operating at full capacity will have a better chance of succeeding in a post-pandemic world.

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1. Helps Your Business Stay Safe with Temperature Sensor Technology

Temperature sensor technology can help your business stay safe during COVID-19 as monitoring the health of employees is recommended by the CDC. The state of New York recommends that all New York City, NY businesses send staff who are sick home.

The COVID-19: General Guidance for Businesses and Other Non-Health Care Settings says, “Emphasize that staff must stay home if sick. Staff who arrive to work sick or become sick at work should be sent home immediately.”

Monitoring your staff’s temperature before they enter the building with TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets can help your business follow New York’s and the CDC’s safety guidelines.

By following these guidelines, you better protect your business from having to shut down because your critical staff become sick and get quarantined at home.

2. Helps Your Employees Feel Safe

The safety of a business’s employees is a top priority—using temperature sensor technology can help more employees stay healthy during this crisis.

Implementing a policy to check employee temperature at the entrance to the building and other common spaces like cafeterias will show employees you’re taking necessary precautions to keep them safe. They’ll be more productive if they feel like their employer values their safety.

One of the biggest benefits of the TAURI Temperature-Check Tablets is that they can be mounted to become effectively contactless, so employees and clients won’t have to worry about using the same sensors as others.

3. Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

COVID-19 spreads at a much higher rate than the flu or other seasonal illnesses and can also spread during the warmer months. Businesses that check for fever at the door will make sure employees don’t unknowingly bring COVID-19 into the office.

Many employees will come to work with a fever and not even know they’re sick, but the disease can spread whether they present symptoms or not. Once the disease is brought into the office it can spread like wildfire and put the business in peril.

Contact tracing is a vital tool in combatting the virus. Assign a workplace health officer to be in charge of monitoring all sensors and install additional firmware that makes it easy to flag issues. While companies need to respect the privacy of employees, these tools make it easy to alert employees that have come in contact with someone that may be sick.

We all have to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19. This is one way businesses can do their part.

Temperature Sensor Technology Can Save Businesses

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