2 Infrastructure Solutions to Improve Office Networks

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Businesses Can Reduce Interruptions and Downtime With Proactive Monitoring

Businesses rely on their internet connection more and more with each passing day as more essential business functions move online. Sometimes the difference between a business’s success or failure is the speed and durability of their network and the network’s ability to handle increased loads during busy times because they have the right network infrastructure solutions in place.

While many of our clients in Newark, NJ are tempted to install and maintain their own networks to save on costs, they can end up spending a lot more in the long run. Many networks can be maintained remotely for less than the cost of hiring, training, and paying an IT department.

WAN optimization can ensure that the network is managed to give critical functions top priority and increase data efficiencies across the network. Businesses can get the most out of their network and make sure their business can operate at all times.

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1. Remote Maintenance Keeps Your Network Connected

Remote maintenance can save on costs by outsourcing network maintenance to a team of professionals instead of your own office.

Many businesses have their own IT departments that maintain their networks, and for some very large businesses, this is necessary. Having an IT department is expensive. though, and a lot of the network maintenance that they would do can be done remotely by a third party. Businesses have saved money by shifting from operating an IT department in-house to relying on remote maintenance to keep their network operational.

Remote maintenance works by installing software on an office’s computers, connected devices and servers to monitor them remotely. The monitoring software can ensure the network connection is active at all times and take preventative steps to ensure a business doesn’t lose its valuable internet connection.

2. WAN Optimization Can Manage Your Bandwidth

WAN stands for Wide Area Network and is a system where many computers and servers are connected on a single network. As the number of computers and servers on a network increases, the risk of critical functions not receiving the bandwidth they need also increases.

WAN optimization includes many features, such as traffic shaping, that prioritize traffic and the allocation of bandwidth.

Some business functions are more critical than others and must remain connected. WAN optimization can ensure that your vital business functions remain operational. Network issues are inevitable, but WAN optimization can help mitigate problems by providing vital network bandwidth to what matters most.

Businesses Save Money With Efficient Infrastructure Solutions

Learn more about how infrastructure solutions work and why they help cut costs. Reach out to our team to find out how we can implement remote monitoring and WAN optimization in your business.

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