3 Network Solutions For Working Remotely

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How To Make Working From Home Better For You And Your Staff

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many Parsippany businesses to operate remotely to reduce the transmission of the virus. As New Jersey companies adjust to working from home, there are certain network solutions they should consider for their workforce that will improve communication, bandwidth, and security.

Here are three network solutions you and your staff can benefit from as you work from home.

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Video Conferencing Tools

Companies are utilizing video conferencing more than ever right now, and it’s a great way to maintain communication, collaboration, and morale. Firstly, evaluate employees’ network and telephone system’s capacity to handle video conferencing and whether you need to increase it.

Then, consider supplying your staff with high-performance microphones, displays, and speakers for their homes. This helps ensure meetings will be less affected by technical difficulties. If the technology being used is low-quality, it could lower the quality of a meeting. Equipment that causes audio or visual issues during meetings could result in less engaged employees — which impacts your company’s overall efficiency.

WAN Optimization

Bandwidth is the volume of information that you can send over a connection in a measured amount of time — the maximum rate at which computers and devices can receive information from your network. As the number of computers and servers on your network increases, so does the bandwidth you need.

Bandwidth planning is crucial when making your staff work remotely. WAN optimization can help you conserve bandwidth by prioritizing specific parts of your network to receive more. It can speed up the most essential elements of your network, so the processes most critical for your business have more speed and reliability.

Remote Monitoring

Even though your employees are working from home, they’re still likely needing to access tools like your VoIP, intranet, and VPN. With these critical components of your network comes the need for robust security. You’ll want to make sure your employees’ and customers’ data is secure, so hire the right company that can monitor and protector your company’s network.

Alliance Telecommunications can provide 24/7 remote monitoring solutions for you and your staff. Our team of experts can resolve problems before you notice them — which helps you, your employees, and your customers. We’ll take care of firmware updates which usually include important security patches.


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