How to Use Digital Signage as a Customer Communication Tool

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In today’s socially distanced society, you can utilize digital signage for business communication and touchless guidance

During times of crisis, businesses must act quickly to implement new communication standards and business operations. In our current pandemic, this means that Newark, NJ, organizations are seeking touchless solutions to help keep customers safe as businesses reopen and patrons return to physical stores and restaurants.

A digital signage installation is a hands-free tool your company can use to communicate with customers and assist them on-site. Keep reading to learn how your business can utilize digital signs for better customer communication.

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Communicate Important Updates

As businesses begin to reopen in Newark, NJ, it’s essential to have a fast and efficient method of communicating new updates to customers in real-time. As customers trickle back to your physical location, use digital signage to keep them up to date on:

  • Business hours
  • Maximum capacity limits
  • Changes to products and services that are or aren’t available
  • Safety precautions employees are taking inside
  • Safety precautions customers will be expected to take inside


One of the primary benefits of digital signs is their flexibility. You can update displays in real-time as new information rolls in to keep your customers informed and cut down on confusion.


Provide Customer Service

If you operate a retail, hospitality or restaurant business, you may be worried about how you can continue to provide excellent customer service while also adhering to recommended on-site safety guidelines. Digital signs placed in your entrance area and strategically throughout the building can help streamline customer service in a number of ways.

  • Inform customers when your store or restaurant has reached maximum capacity and provide an estimated wait time for admittance.
  • Provide customers with alternative ways to interact with your business if they can’t wait at your physical location. For example, post a website where customers can purchase products online or list a phone number that patrons can call to order curbside pickup from your restaurant. As a bonus, highlight a special promotion or discount customers will receive if they use the suggested alternatives.
  • Help customers navigate your on-site location. Display a floor map of your store so visitors can quickly find the department they’re looking for. You can also post notifications about traffic flow patterns inside and how far apart customers should remain from each other and employees.

Even if your employees can’t be on the ground floor interacting with patrons, your customer service doesn’t have to suffer. Take advantage of digital signage to provide touchless guidance and support while visitors are on-site.

Digital signage installations and solutions vary across organizations. At Alliance Telecommunications, we’ll provide a free evaluation, walk you through your options and install the best solution for you.

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