The 3 Solutions Your Business Needs for Audio Video Conferencing

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Read our comprehensive breakdown of everything you need for a superb setup in your conference rooms

Slowly, employees in Jersey City, NJ, are heading back to work and facing the new workplace realities brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. These days, it’s not uncommon to encounter protective measures like temperature tablets and density control sensors in offices and business buildings.

One way that your business can help employees make a smooth adjustment to the new normal is to have an excellent audio video conferencing setup in your conference rooms. Conferencing technology can help facilitate better communications if you have more full-time remote workers or staggered shifts with some people working from home and some people working in the office.

Because teleconferencing has become a vital and permanent tool in the workplace, you need a complete setup that can be utilized by all employees. Here are the 3 must-have solutions you need to get started.

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High-End Screens, Speakers and Microphones

Your conference rooms need to be equipped with high-end audiovisual equipment to host productive meetings and make impactful presentations. Start with a large flat-screen TV or projector screen that’s easily readable by everyone in the room. If employees have to squint to read charts and graphs on a small screen, they’ll be less engaged with the material and more likely to misunderstand what they’re reading.

Your conference rooms need an audio solution that delivers clear sound to everyone in the room, plus employees joining remotely. Depending on the size of your room, you may require one centrally-located microphone or several evenly distributed in-wall and in-ceiling microphones. Speakers should also be evenly distributed to ensure everyone hears your message clearly. At Alliance Telecommunications, we can recommend sensitive conferencing microphones that pick up multi-directional sound in a large radius.

We know that purchasing a new set of equipment is a significant expense, especially with so much uncertainty in the business world today. Have you considered leasing your audiovisual equipment as part of a service package? We encourage you to explore the benefits.


A Unified Communications System

All the high-end audiovisual equipment in the world won’t help much if your team can’t work and communicate cohesively on a unified platform. A unified communications solution is necessary if you have employees working both remotely and in-office.

At Alliance Telecommunications, our techs can integrate conference room hardware with video conferencing software like Microsoft Teams and Zoom for seamless company-wide meetings. Your whole team can use a laptop, tablet or smartphone app to book meeting rooms, schedule meetings, access video calls and share content with the tap of a button.

Alliance techs are Zoom room certified integrators who can walk you through every step of installation and setup for using Zoom in your business.


A Robust Networking System

Conferencing with remote workers can be incredibly frustrating, inefficient and unproductive if you experience lagging, buffering or dropped calls from a weak network. At Alliance Telecommunications, we can build your business a strong network infrastructure that includes features like advanced security measures, bandwidth management, an intranet, voice over IP and more to ensure smooth, uninterrupted service.

Additionally, we offer service packages for remote maintenance and support so that you have 24/7 access to assistance when something goes wrong.


At Alliance Telecommunications, we can help your business adapt to changing technology needs as workers begin to head back to the office in Jersey City, NJ. Give us a call or fill out our contact form so we can set up a consultation.

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