How Sound Masking Improves Safety and Comfort in the Workplace

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Office sound masking helps employees stay focused during the day and protect sensitive information in the workplace

Loud noise is a staple of office culture, especially if you oversee a large business with multiple departments in one location. And while the steady thrum of people hard at work can add energy to the space, constant noise can also leave employees feeling unfocused, exhausted and uncomfortable.

Office sound masking can help control the level of noise in your Jersey City, NJ, business location and leave employees juggling fewer distractions during the day. Keep reading to learn more about this technology and how it can benefit the office environment.

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What Is Sound Masking? How Does It Work?

In busy office spaces, background noise (or ambient noise) is at a low noise level compared human speech. This type of acoustics causes people to overhear nearby conversations. Sound masking uses strategically placed loudspeakers to emit ambient noise raised to match the frequency level of human speech. When the ambient sound level is balanced, human voices sound muffled and conversations at a distance become unintelligible. Face-to-face discussions aren’t affected, which means employees can speak privately with other colleagues or a supervisor.

Sound masking doesn’t cancel all noise in an environment — instead, it produces a pleasant, steady hum or airflow sound. The loudspeakers are discreet and hidden in the walls and ceiling. At Alliance Telecommunications, we install professionally calibrated office sound masking systems from Lencore and Cambridge into businesses in the New Jersey area.


Sound Masking Offers Enhanced Privacy Protection

Sound masking technology helps make the workplace safer for employees, clients and business partners. Your executive team can hold shareholder meetings in the conference room and discuss business operations and financial matters in complete confidence. Out in the office, your employees can discuss sensitive legal, health and financial information with clients without others overhearing, thus protecting and respecting clients’ right to privacy. Additionally, clients or business partners who come to your office location can discuss business matters in a meeting room or office without nearby employees hearing.

Sound masking also benefits the people who work for you. Employees should be able to address issues of compensation, performance reviews, office conflicts and personal conflicts in private with a supervisor or HR representative.

Using sound masking in the office sends a clear message to both clients and employees that your business respects their privacy and wants to ensure the workplace is a safe environment for everyone.


Sound Masking Improves Employee Productivity

Let’s face it: offices are filled with distractions. The sales team making phone calls all day, people chatting at the coffeemaker and teams holding meetings in the conference room can all pull employees’ attention away from the tasks at hand and make concentration a challenge. With sound masking technology, employees will be able to focus on their work and make important business calls without worrying about bothering colleagues nearby.


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