2 Fantastic Solutions for Video Display in Your Conference Room

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The right video display can help in-person and video conferencing meetings go off without a hitch

The quality of the equipment in your conference rooms can make or break a meeting. The type of video display in your meeting areas can help enhance video conferencing calls, engage in-person employees and wow customers and business partners during presentations. If your display screen is too small or doesn’t display a sharp, clear picture that everyone can see, your meetings and presentations will suffer for it.

At Alliance Telecommunications, we have some great conference room video solutions for your Morristown, NJ, business. Keep reading to learn 2 options for improving video display in your workplace. And then contact Alliance so we can get to work installing your new video solution.

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Video Walls

A video wall is a high-end display option for exhibiting digital signage, sharing content, increasing engagement and collaborating with remote workers during meetings. Video walls are made from multiple monitors or panels connected in a tiled array to create one large screen. The display is controlled by a powerful video processor, which can process and display content from multiple sources, including computers, cameras and cable boxes.

Video walls are a fantastic tool for multimedia presentations. Compare charts and graphs side-by-side on different display panels or project an infographic across all connected displays. Use multi-user interactive touchscreen displays to allow employees to brainstorm and storyboard, collaborate on shared content and engage directly with business materials. Video walls also support video conferencing and let everyone see remote colleagues clearly on a large screen.

Our partner Planar is a leader in high-quality video wall solutions. Their LED or LCD screens have enhanced resolution, picture quality, contrast and brightness over other video display types. Video walls are scalable to any size or shape that fits the needs of your business space.



High-End Projectors

While video walls are a great solution, they do require a significant financial investment. We understand that right now, many businesses are wary of purchasing expensive AV equipment. A more affordable — but still high-quality — conference room video solution is a projector and projector screen. Projectors are a great display option for many reasons.

First, picture quality for projector technology has improved vastly over the years, which means you can display clear, bright, HD images on a large screen that everyone can see. Second, most modern projection technology offers wireless connectivity to display digital content or bring in remote employees via video conferencing. Our partner Barco offers a wide range of projector displays that can be integrated with wireless conferencing and presentation software for content sharing, video conferencing and engaging multimedia presentations. And third, we like that projector screens take up less space and can be rolled up and hidden out of sight when not in use.


Alliance is here to help you find and install all the technology solutions your business needs to operate efficiently. Call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

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