Why Does My Business Need a Video Wall Setup?

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Learn about the benefits of having a video wall

We can all appreciate a beautiful video display at an office. Having something eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing in your office can impress guests, clients, and future and current staff. One of the ways to start featuring these kinds of displays is to install video walls. In this blog, we’ll explain what video walls are and the benefits of having a video wall setup in your New York City, NY, office.

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Video Wall Definition

A video wall consists of multiple monitors, television sets, or projectors tiled together to create a large screen. LCD panels, LPD tiles, LED arrays, and projection cubes are some of the display technologies that can make up a video wall. To make a video wall come to life, you need a video wall display, a video wall processor, and video wall software.


Having a stunning video wall in your office’s lobby or entrance is an easy way to make a great first impression. Your company’s reputation is critical for business, and having a helpful or engaging video wall can leave visitors with a positive memory. Need some ideas for what to display? You can show your company’s sophisticated branding — logos, messaging, gallery of photos, etc. If you’re having an event, you can use your video wall to display directions or other pertinent details. You can also display abstract visuals to add interesting flair, or show CG images of mother nature (as Salesforce famously did for their San Francisco office).

Meeting Rooms

Video walls instantly elevate any conference room or boardroom. They can be used for multimedia presentations and effortlessly command attention to the meeting topic. You won’t have to worry about charts, infographics, or crucial bullet points looking drab on a video wall. There are also touchscreen capabilities available — which can make meetings more interactive and collaborative. Also, since video conferencing is on the rise, you can display video calls on your video wall and improve everyone’s communication in the meeting. Video walls can also simply display information that’s relevant to whatever attendees are discussing.

If you’re looking for ways to improve your office’s lobby, impress others with your branding, and have engaging, interactive meetings — invest in a video wall. At Alliance Telecommunications, we specialize in multimedia/audiovisual services and can provide the expertise you need for your New York City office. We also strive to offer the best service in the industry and provide 24/7 support to our customers. Learn more by contacting us today!

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