Control Your Crestron Conference Room From Your iOS Smartphone

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Creston is making audio video conferencing even simpler to use with a new personal device control feature

As more and more people head back to work in New York, NY, businesses must figure out creative solutions to maintain safety guidelines like social distancing. Now, Crestron is jumping in to help with a new feature for Crestron smart rooms. Crestron’s personal device control is a new upgrade that will allow Crestron users to control a Crestron-integrated room from their iOS smartphone (Android is soon to follow!).

This new feature helps create a low-touch meeting space. With just a smartphone, room controllers can initiate meetings, start audio video conferencing, give multimedia presentations, share content and more. In-person participants only have contact with their personal devices, limiting the spread of germs through touching a shared touchscreen.

The new feature is coming September 2020 — keep reading to learn more about this exciting development.

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It’s a Quick, Simple Setup — No Programming Changes Required

The new feature works with all existing Crestron AV systems that use a 60-Series touchscreen and it doesn’t require any programming, network or design modifications to set up. The installation is a firmware upgrade on the control system and touchscreen that is unlocked by purchasing a license via cloud-based subscription or on-premise control system.

For the end-user, accessing and using personal device control is even easier. Users only need to install the app on their mobile phones and connect to Bluetooth. The app will automatically connect with the Crestron AV system. And that’s it — users will have complete control of a Crestron room at their fingertips.


It’s Safe and Secure

For businesses worried about the security implications of allowing multiple people access to the AV system, Crestron has thought of everything. The new feature has plenty of built-in security measures. First, control access is set up and enabled on a room-by-room basis. No user will have blanket control over multiple rooms or have on-going control over a room once the meeting or presentation is over. Individuals must be physically present and in Bluetooth range to use personal device control.

Second, a room controller’s personal device does not have to be on the same network as the Crestron AV system, limiting the risk of a network security breach. An administrator or IT manager can use a QR code or PIN on the room’s touchscreen to authenticate a new user’s personal device.

And finally, administrators and IT managers can choose the functions that room controllers have access to on their personal devices. For example, administrators can grant room controllers access to present a slideshow and share content, but not start a meeting or dial in remote workers for a video call.


It’s an Innovative Solution to Meet Today’s Challenges

Crestron has always had a fantastic solution for all-in-one audio video conferencing and conference room technology. The new feature demonstrates the company’s ability to adapt to changing circumstances in the workplace. Personal device control is easy to install, enable and use, has a mobile-friendly interface with control buttons that fit the size of a mobile screen, and helps create a low-touch environment for meetings.

Personal device control makes conference rooms safer for returning employees, without limiting the ability to hold meetings, give presentations, share content and collaborate with remote employees.


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