How to Make Your Video Wall More Interactive and Engaging

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Inspire more collaboration and engagement with interactive capabilities for your video wall

A video wall is an eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing display in lobbies, stores, meeting rooms and restaurants. A video wall consists of multiple display panels tiled together to create one large display. When showcasing content, you can use all the screens to display one large image or message or view different content across different panels.

But is your Jersey City, NJ, business taking advantage of all video walls have to offer? Let’s face it: showcasing one static image on your wall day in and day out is….boring. But we have some ideas for ways you can make your video wall setup more interactive and engaging. Keep reading to learn more.

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Encourage Collaboration in the Workplace

Video wall displays provide the opportunity for dynamic collaboration in the workplace. Take advantage of the extra space for multimedia presentations. Giving a sales forecasting presentation? Divide the panels into different display screens to present graphs, charts and metrics for side-by-side comparison. Giving a rebranding presentation to brainstorm new logo ideas? Display 4 different designs in 4 quadrants on the screen so that everyone can provide constructive feedback on the design elements of each. Spend less time saying, “wait, go back to the last one,” and more time discussing the content on the screen. Some video walls have touchscreen capabilities for you to make edits and notes right on the screen.


Promote Engagement With Content

In the retail and service industries, use video walls for advertising, increasing brand awareness and impacting customers’ purchasing decisions. On-site video walls can display sales, promotions, exclusive deals and more in crisp, clear, high-resolution picture quality. Own a clothing store? Use a video wall to display attractive outfits customers can create with your clothing options. Managing a technology store? Let customers watch how-to videos for select products on the video wall. Does a customer want to see a demonstration of a product or service? Set up your video wall to allow salespeople to change the content using a smartphone or tablet and pull up demos to show customers in real-time.


Provide Customer Service

Organizations can also use video walls to distribute helpful information. Hosting an expo? Fill your display with the time and location where guest speakers are presenting, alongside a map to help visitors get to the right place. Own a busy restaurant? Post the estimated wait time, alongside the menu so patrons can browse the specials and discuss what they want to eat. Or run fun behind-the-scene videos of your chefs in the kitchen, whipping up decadent meals.

One of the primary benefits of digital displays like video walls is their flexibility when it comes to providing customer service. You can manage and change the content in real-time based on customer needs and updated information.


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