2 Reasons Why Training Centers Should Have the Best Audio and Visuals Possible

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Better Equipment Means Better Experiences for Clients and Employees

Today’s businesses are required by their clients and employees to be more connected, interactive, mobile, and flexible. These must-haves cannot be achieved without acquiring the highest level of audio-visual equipment and design.

Automated AV solutions can make onboarding and training a seamless process. If you actually want your employees and students to retain the knowledge imparted to them, passively watching videos with boring graphics and listening to instructors with low-quality audio just won’t cut it.

Remote training solutions are optimized when both instructors and participants can hear and see each other clearly. Our experts in Morristown, NJ, can help design the best video-conferencing and training rooms with expansive video monitors, powerful speakers and highly sensitive microphones to deliver the most effective training atmosphere.

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1. Adequate Visual Reception and Transmission Is an Absolute Must

It goes without saying that you will want the best equipment possible in order to clearly communicate. But any professional tech company will first want to ensure that your IT infrastructure will be able to meet the requirements for supporting sophisticated video technology.

Once our engineers have determined your facility’s capabilities, we can recommend the right kind of video platform, equipment, and proper placement within each learning environment so all participants can have an unobstructed perspective.

When you’re using the best kind of high-resolution equipment you will be able to clearly see who you are communicating with, giving yourself the same kind of integral information you might ascertain from face-to-face learning environments, such as non-verbal cues like body posture or the look on someone’s face.

And it’s just not about the equipment, each training center or video conferencing facility must be scouted to determine whether there is adequate lighting that can be properly transmitted by video. Here at Alliance Telecommunications, we can determine whether your facilities meet lighting standards by having our installation professionals test light levels in every training room.

2. Audio Clarity Is Just As Important As Visual Quality

When designing audio solutions for your training facility, the size, and dimensions of each environment must be taken into account, so all participants experience the same clarity of audio.

Once we have determined your environment’s specific needs, we can decide whether microphones need to be strategically placed throughout the room or whether centralized omni-receptive microphones will be sufficient.

Our engineers will do this by testing each room’s soundscape for dead zones as well as any unwanted areas where there might be an echo effect. With the right kind of audio implementation, clear communication will be able to curb wasted time by eliminating repeated questions and repeated answers. We’ll also integrate non-obtrusive in-wall and in-ceiling speakers that ensure everyone in the room hears your message clearly.

Let’s Design The Audio-Visual Environment That Fits Your Needs

At Alliance Telecommunications, our audio-visual experts, as well as IT engineers, can help your company design the most sophisticated and flexible training facility possible. We provide 24/7 customer support to our clients. You can learn more by contacting us today.

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