Answering Your FAQs About Temperature Screening Devices

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Are you wondering if your New Jersey business needs temperature screening? This guide can help you decide.

Employees are returning to work, customers are returning to shops and restaurants, and some students are returning to schools and universities in Newark, NJ. But even as people begin to trickle back into the public sphere, we’re not out of the woods yet as the COVID-19 virus continues to spread and cause infections.

As a business owner or manager, you may be wondering what workplace measures are the most effective to protect the health and safety of employees and customers. Temperature screening devices are probably one option you’re considering. If you’re unsure whether or not fever screening technology is right for your business, keep reading to learn the answers to frequently asked questions.

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1. How Do Temperature Screening Devices Work?

Temperature screening devices use thermal imaging and body heat mapping to screen for fever. At Alliance, we recommend a TAURI temperature-check tablet, a no-contact temperature screening solution for your business. The system uses infrared technology to map a person’s body heat and determine if they have a temperature. People being tested can stand up to 3.3 feet away and still receive an accurate screening.

The TAURI series includes an all-in-one tablet with a fully calibrated infrared sensor and the necessary firmware. Your business can set an acceptable temperature range for patrons and employees entering your location, and the tablet will emit an alert if someone falls outside the range. Results are available within one second, ensuring that businesses can screen large numbers of people quickly and efficiently.

TAURI temperature-check tablets provide a hygienic and touch-free solution. Each tablet has an HDMI port so that the person monitoring the system can view screening results on a second monitor from a safe distance. Tablets can be independently mounted to walls or desktops.

2. How Accurate Are the Results?

Fever screening devices that are installed, used and interpreted correctly are very accurate. A TAURI temperature-check tablet is accurate within +/- 0.5°C (0.9°F).

Keep in mind: temperature screening technology does have its limits. Some people with the COVID-19 virus are asymptomatic carriers and don’t develop a fever. Additionally, other conditions may cause an elevated temperature reading. A fever screening device is one safety measure that works best when used with other safety measures, like occupancy sensor technology and social distancing.

3. Who Should Be Using Temperature Screening Solutions?

Businesses across multiple industries can benefit from temperature screening systems. Employers can screen returning employees to ensure that no one is coming into work if they’re sick. Retail stores and restaurants can screen customers before allowing entrance to their location. Schools, universities, airports and other places that see high-volume traffic can use temperature screening to identify people who may be sick and isolate them before they have contact with other people.

Temperature screening devices work quickly enough to check all patrons at a location individually, they’re highly accurate and screenings don’t require any form of contact. Altogether, fever screening is an effective solution to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus in public places.

4. How Do I Install This Solution in My Business?

Call Alliance Telecommunications. We’ll install a custom solution in your business location and ensure your device is working correctly. We’ll also help provide training for administrators and other people who may be monitoring the system.

Alliance Telecommunications can equip your Newark, NJ, business with the technology solutions you need to keep employees and visitors safe. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with one of our experts.

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