4 Prime Locations for a Digital Signage Installation

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Learn where high-resolution digital signage can make the most impact for your company

Digital signs are a uniquely attractive way for businesses, shops, schools and other commercial organizations to draw peoples’ attention and increase engagement with the displayed content. Strategically placed digital signage can advertise goods and services, disseminate information, provide wayfinding services or showcase a brand’s achievements.

If your New York City, NY, business is interested in a digital signage installation, we’ve got some great ideas on how you can implement your displays to make the most impact. Keep reading to learn how digital signage is utilized in different spaces.

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Office Buildings

In your office building, use digital signage to build team morale around shared office culture. Digital displays can showcase company accomplishments, company values, quarterly or yearly goals, the latest monthly sales metrics, philanthropic donations and positive customer reviews. Your company can also use digital signage to create a positive and inclusive office environment by displaying employee shout-outs and recognitions for amazing work, pictures from company-wide events and announcements like birthdays or new engagements.

Additionally, digital signage helps streamline company communications. Use signage to broadcast organization-wide announcements instead of sending multiple emails that get buried deep in cluttered inboxes. Cut overhead costs on paper and printing by switching from print flyers and posters to digital displays. You’re far more likely to draw employees’ attention with an eye-catching, high-resolution display than with a flyer hanging in the breakroom.


Colleges and Universities

Digital signage can help disseminate information across college and university campuses with thousands of students, staff and teachers who need to receive information quickly and efficiently. Use digital signs to display campus-wide announcements, upcoming events, and maps and directories to help students and staff get around. In an emergency, alerts are instantaneously sent to digital displays all over campus, ensuring that students and staff receive vital information as soon as possible.

With students returning to in-person classes during the coronavirus pandemic, universities can also use digital signage to promote student health and safety by outlining social distancing and mask guidelines and listing nearby health clinics where students can get tested for the virus if they feel sick.


Restaurants and Retail Stores

As restaurants and retail stores reopen for patrons, a digital signage installation can help engage and excite customers who are venturing back into public spaces. In restaurants, use signage to showcase menu offerings, appetizing pictures of the chef’s specials, happy hour prices and special deals. In retail stores, use signage to highlight new items, sales, special seasonal collections and product demonstrations. Digital signs are likely to engage customers and influence their purchasing decisions. Additionally, highly visual, detailed displays promote better brand awareness and brand recall.

Restaurants and retail stores can also use digital signage to help enforce public safety measures. Displays can remind patrons of social distancing and mask guidelines, provide touchless assistance to shoppers in busy stores and maintain updated service hours and contact information for your business.


Digital signage solutions vary across organizations. Let Alliance Telecommunications find the solution that meets your needs. Contact us to schedule a consultation with our experts.

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