Learn How Zoom Rooms Improve Meetings and Workplace Collaboration

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Zoom Rooms are a unified solution for businesses with in-person and remote employees

Zoom has taken the world by storm in 2020. On an individual level, people love Zoom because it’s easy to use — anyone can start or join a video meeting or call after downloading the software on a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. But on an organizational level, Zoom can do so much more.

A Zoom Room is a unified communication system that combines meeting room hardware with Zoom audio-video conferencing software. It’s an all-inclusive system that enables in-person meeting participants and remote employees to communicate, collaborate, brainstorm, share content, and give presentations during meetings.

With more Jersey City, NJ, businesses implementing remote work policies, and juggling distributed workforces, Zoom Rooms ensure that employees can still work together effectively. Keep reading to learn why you should consider installing a Zoom Room in your office location.

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Easy Setup and Integration

One of the primary benefits of a Zoom Room is its flexibility. For in-house conferencing equipment, Zoom Rooms can be deployed in conference rooms, huddle rooms, training centers or other business meeting spaces. Setup requires the audio/video hardware you’ll need for conferences and meetings — typically a combination of a monitor or display screen, speakers, microphones, a camera and a touchpad controller. Zoom doesn’t make or provide the AV equipment to run its software, giving your business the flexibility to choose the right components to match the size of your space.

Once the equipment is in place, Zoom conferencing software and all the necessary audio and video are integrated with your hardware. Administrators will be able to control the Zoom Room with a touchpad tablet.

Don’t hesitate to call Alliance for your installation. Our techs are Zoom Room certified integrators, meaning we have the knowledge and expertise to install, integrate, and calibrate your Zoom Room to operate seamlessly. Additionally, our techs can train administrators and other employees on how to use your new Zoom Room.

One-Touch Control

Because a Zoom Room is an integrated solution, control is streamlined and effortless. Administrators can start and end meetings, bring in remote employees, and share screens with a simple tap on the touchpad controller. With one-touch control, your business will waste less time syncing equipment to begin meetings and more time diving into the work that needs to be done.

An All-in-One Solution

So what can you do in a Zoom Room? This all-in-one solution comes with multiple tools that enable your teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively — even if not everyone is physically present during meetings. First, Zoom-based rooms have calendar integration for simple room scheduling and meeting reminders. How many meetings have been delayed or canceled because another team was in the conference room when you’re ready to meet?

Second, Zoom Rooms enable audio-video conferencing with recording capabilities, which means you can send missing team members the recorded video to catch up on meeting notes. Additionally, your employees can record training meetings to use for future new hires and onboarding. Third, Zoom Rooms have collaborative features like chat, screen sharing, and interactive whiteboards accessible to both in-person and remote participants. Brainstorming sessions, storyboard ideas, or SMART goals written on the interactive whiteboard can be saved and sent to all team members after the meeting.

Alliance is a Zoom Room certified integrator. Our techs are here to help you find and install all the technology solutions your business needs to operate efficiently. Call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a free consultation with one of our experts.

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