2 Massive Benefits of Office Sound Masking

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With Office Sound Masking, You Can Increase the Productivity and Privacy of Your Employees

When the open office concept first came to be, many thought that it was going to revolutionize the office and increase collaboration and productivity.

Most businesses ended up with the opposite. The concept was a disaster. Several studies found that, “face to face interactions went down, productivity fell, and most employees felt that they had far less privacy.”

While some businesses might not care too much about the lack of privacy, a lack of collaboration and a reduction in productivity are certain issues that need to be addressed, especially when productivity dropped as much as 15%.

Sound masking technology gives you the ability to regain that lost productivity. Can you imagine how your business might thrive with a 15% increase in productivity?

Here’s why sound masking helps.

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Sound Masking Improves Productivity

For most employees, noise is distracting at best and depressing at worst. Whether it be the chatty employee sitting next to you or the light music of someone across the hallway, or even the sound of someone typing nearby, many employees will find it difficult to concentrate without something to block out the sound.

While some employees can work while playing music on their headphones, not everyone can, and not all businesses would want them to.

Sound masking eliminates this issue. It’s different from white noise. With sound masking, you have a low-volume noise that matches the frequencies of normal human speech while white noise is loud and is emitted at all frequencies. Sound masking is more pleasant.

When employees aren’t hearing some of these loud sounds, especially people talking nearby which can be extremely distracting, they’re able to focus on their work and increase their productivity.

Sound Masking Improves Privacy

Employee satisfaction is critical to retaining top talent. If employees are unhappy–one of those surveys above found that 76% of employees were unhappy with the open office concept–they’re unlikely to stick around.

With sound masking technology, speech specifically goes unheard at certain distances. This makes conversations that would otherwise be distracting less so, and it allows employees to have conversations without worrying that others in the office might be listening.

Though it’s no return to cubicles or offices, it can help to improve privacy and therefore employee satisfaction and engagement.

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