Why Your Business Needs a Dedicated Service and Support Provider

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Make sure you have the support you need when your equipment or systems are on the fritz

Advanced, high-speed technology systems and equipment for audiovisual needs, security, communication, and collaboration are hailed as the driving force behind successful business operations… until something goes wrong. Whether you manage or own an office building, school, retail business, data center, performance hall, or manufacturing plant, a technology failure can have a significant impact on your Jersey City, NJ, business.

At Alliance Telecommunications, we do more than just design and install your telecommunication systems. We also offer AV managed services with 24/7 support and assistance when a malfunction occurs. Keep reading to learn the benefits managed services can bring to your business.

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Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance

Technology systems and equipment are a vital investment in your business. At Alliance, we’re here to help you protect your technological capital and ensure your systems are always functioning at peak capacity. Proactive monitoring and ongoing, routine service checks can identify and solve minor problems before they worsen and cause expensive equipment failure and damage. We’ll conduct regular hardware and software inspections to ensure you’re caught up with new firmware updates that keep your systems secure and performing at optimal levels. If you need replacement parts or spare parts for your hardware, we’ll provide them for you. Our team keeps extensive documentation of all your hardware components so that we can quickly solve any issue that crops up.

24/7 Support

Even with the best proactive care and maintenance, technology is bound to hit a few snags at some point. Servers crash. Software malfunctions. Network performance becomes spotty and sluggish. The display screen in the conference room starts glitching. Luckily, Alliance has 24/7 service solutions to provide you with continuous support when things go wrong. When your services are managed with us, we’ll be on hand to offer remote IT support or send an experienced technician to your facility ASAP.

When technology breakdowns occur, your organization can experience lost productivity, failed transactions, data loss, and even complete downtime. If you don’t have a support plan in place, you may not be able to get a technician to come out right away, or you may not know a reputable technician to call at all. At Alliance, our technicians are already intimately familiar with your technology systems and services, and our team members are properly licensed and certified to handle any and all technological snafus.

Gain peace of mind knowing that Alliance is here to provide around-the-clock service and support when you need it most. To discuss our AV managed services, call us or fill out a contact form online.

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