3 Unique Areas Where a Video Wall Installation Brings Value

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Use video walls for security, education, and engaging advertising in your New York City business

A video wall is a versatile and engaging tool for using multiple screens or one large display to exhibit numerous types of content. Today, digital displays offer more opportunities for businesses and brands to draw consumers’ attention, collaborate, and communicate in interactive ways. And there are several ways a video wall installation can add value to your New York City, NY, organization. Keep reading to explore three valuable applications of digital displays you may not have considered yet.

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Outdoor Advertising

An outdoor video wall is a fun and unique way to draw viewers’ attention and pique interest in your products and services. LED video displays are incredibly flexible and can be installed on the side of a building or freestanding like a billboard. Video walls specially designed for outdoor use are capable of withstanding both weather conditions and extreme temperatures and are brighter than regular displays to be seen clearly in sunlight.

And don’t get stuck on the upfront cost of an installation: a video wall is a very cost-effective solution for advertising and promoting your brand. How? Because you have access to a broader range of content that you can change anytime at no cost. Use your video wall as one large display to advertise products and services, show an engaging video, or promote brand accomplishments to passersby. Or use multiple screens to display an advertisement plus information on your business hours and location.

Because your video wall is controlled by software on the backend, you can change the content or graphics at any time without paying for new ads or printing new signs. Now you can make new product announcements quickly, promote special deals or sales instantly, and keep your advertising fresh, fun, and up-to-date with what’s most engaging to consumers.

Command Centers

Multi-screen video walls are an invaluable security tool in control rooms, security rooms, data centers and mission-critical facilities that require constant monitoring. A video wall installation can centralize all your security systems and operations in one place, ensuring that security guards and command center staff members immediately catch breaches, intrusions, system crashes, or other security threats when they occur. Multiple screens can display data, status updates, access control reports, and live surveillance feed. Centralizing security information for access and display means that staff members have everything they need to act quickly during times of emergency.

Education and Remote Learning

Right now, many colleges and universities are shifting toward partially or fully remote classrooms. A multi-screen video display can help all students communicate, engage, and collaborate more effectively. For mixed classes with in-person and remote students, a multi-screen video wall allows the instructor to use one or more screens to display videoconferencing students, one screen to display a presentation or slideshow, and one screen to use as an interactive whiteboard for notes that both in-person and remote students can view.

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