Tools to Create Touchless Meeting Spaces in Your New York Office

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Touchless AV solutions make it possible for employees and colleagues to meet safely in person

While many New York City, NY, employees continue to work from home, remote work is no longer a viable option for some businesses. If your company needs to come back to the office and hold in-person meetings, learn how to do it safely. Today, numerous touchless AV solutions can support in-person collaboration while limiting the spread of germs in high-touch spaces. Learn about some of the touchless technology available for your conference rooms and meeting spaces.

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Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors in the conference room can control several high-touch actions, like turning on lights and powering up video screens and the sound system. After a meeting is over, sensors will shut down all the equipment once they detect a vacant room.

If you have a Crestron-equipped conference room, Crestron’s PoE room sensors automatically update the room’s status as taken or empty. This feature can help schedulers avoid scheduling conflicts that might cause congestion (and close contact) in meeting spaces.

Wireless BYOD Solutions

BYOD — bring your own device — is the new slang making its way around office spaces. Wireless content sharing systems allow meeting participants to cast the screen of their personal device (a laptop, tablet or smartphone) onto the display screen in a conference room. Presenters don’t have to touch shared cables, consoles, or interfaces. Crestron’s AirMedia wireless system is compatible with iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Chrome devices.

Personal Device Control

In September 2020, Crestron launched a new feature for Crestron-equipped conference rooms: iOS personal device control. With this feature, meeting space users can control the room’s technology by touching nothing more than their own device. Using a Bluetooth connection, meeting leaders can start and stop meetings, dial-in video conferencing workers, share content and presentations, and adjust the lighting.

Video Conferencing Solutions

Audio-video conferencing tools like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are still going strong in workplaces. AV conferencing allows you to control the number of people in an in-person meeting by inviting some employees to join remotely. Both Zoom and Teams have screen-sharing capabilities for sharing content and presentations. For a more in-depth solution, your business can turn to all-in-one conferencing solutions like Zoom Rooms, Teams Rooms, and Crestron conference rooms.

At Alliance Telecommunications, we can help your New York City business install innovative, touchless technology solutions as workers head back to the office. Give us a call or fill out our contact form so we can set up a consultation.

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