Uncover the Benefits of a Professional PoE Lighting Installation

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Get the Best in PoE Lighting with Alliance Telecommunications

Smart technology and automation have helped businesses worldwide eliminate inefficiencies, take their operations to the next level, and create a better work environment for millions of employees. 

Many business owners tend to overlook just how much smart lighting can help them increase their bottom line. We recommend Igor PoE lighting systems as the best option for integrating smart lighting into your business. Igor is the first PoE lighting system to receive a Central UL 924 emergency lighting certification, which means their emergency lighting is up to code. Their solutions improve control over light quality, lower your energy bill, and lengthen bulb life.

But, before we can dive into how PoE lighting can benefit your Parsippany, NJ business, you must understand what PoE technology is. Keep reading to find out.

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What is PoE Technology?

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, the ability to use an Ethernet cord to carry network data and electrical power to connected devices. When people think of Ethernet cords, they typically believe they can only connect computers to a network. While that used to be true, technology and smart lighting have evolved, and the rise of LEDs have made lights very efficient. Now, a single Ethernet cord can power and control multiple PoE light fixtures in your building at once.

Enables Cost Savings for Your Business

If a piece of technology saves your business money in the long run, it’s definitely an investment you should consider. A PoE lighting installation is more affordable than traditional electrical work, and the operating costs are lower throughout your PoE lifetime. Plus, the data your PoE software collects can help you make more cost-effective decisions.

Provides Insights from Data Analytics

If you want to make well-informed decisions to operate more efficiently and save on costs, it’s essential to listen to data. Igor’s PoE platform, Nexos, is integrated with its smart lighting solution and sends data and commands to devices so that you can control your lighting. It collects data from these devices to keep you informed with helpful insights.

Connection You Can Rely On

Smart technology reliant on wireless technology is only as strong as your wireless connection. An Ethernet cord maintains a reliable connected system by eliminating the risk of wireless disruptions, giving you more control and flexibility over your lighting system.

Are you ready to transform your business’s lighting system with an Igor PoE lighting installation? Alliance is the technology partner you can rely on and trust, and our team is ready to serve you. Give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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