How to Choose the Best Location for Your Digital Signage Installation

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Keep these factors in mind to ensure you end up with a solution that’s effective and engaging

Location, location, location. When it comes to your digital signage installation, location is everything. After all, how will your audience engage and interact with your displays if they can’t see them? Digital signage offers the flexibility to instantly change your messaging with just the tap of a button and can cycle through several different messages on the same display. If your Jersey City, NJ, business is planning a new installation, read four location considerations to keep in mind.

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Where Do You Have the Most Traffic?

Your displays won’t be effective if they aren’t being seen. One best practice for digital signage is to install your display in places with high-volume traffic, especially places where people linger, gather, or stop for a while. Examples include a lobby, reception area, restaurant waiting section, elevator lobby, or location entrance.

At the same time, make sure there aren’t obstacles in highly trafficked areas, especially barriers that you can’t remove. It’s a wasted investment to install your signage only to realize a staircase, pillar, or window prevents people from seeing the display.

What Kind of Content Is Best for Your Space?

Consider what kind of content will be most engaging in each space. In places where your audience lingers — like lobbies, waiting areas in medical centers and restaurants, or a student center in a university — you could benefit from more interactive content that holds their attention while they wait. Examples include videos, scrolling social media feeds, or a revolving slideshow.

In areas where high-volume traffic filters through quickly without stopping — like university hallways, malls, or store entrances — you could benefit more from static maps, directories, or advertisements that allow your audience to see and digest the information as they’re passing.

Does Your Installation Get Good Wi-Fi?

Does your business want to stream 4K videos, social media, or other content from web-based platforms? To do so, you’ll need to ensure your wireless signals are strong to prevent freezing, buffering, and glitching. Remember that people have short attention spans and aren’t interested in watching a video that stops to buffer every fifteen seconds. Your internet connection becomes especially important if you want to stream content to an outdoor display because your wireless signals will be weaker farther from the router. Additionally, your Wi-Fi may struggle to support high-speed connections if you have several displays.

Most digital signage players will also support ethernet, a reliable hardwired solution. We recommend calling the pros at Alliance to discuss your project and cabling needs.

What Is the Best Viewing Height?

Your digital displays need to sit at a height that’s comfortable for the average person to see and interact with — that’s usually eye-height. Of course, because eye-height differs based on your audience’s height, you’ll have to estimate the average eye-height and use that measurement to determine where your installation should be mounted. Installing your displays at the correct viewing height is critical if your audience can touch and interact with the interface. Unfortunately, your signage won’t get much traction if it’s at an awkward angle or out of reach for most people.

If you need to mount a display that’s not at eye-height, angle the screen(s) accordingly. Displays below eye-level should angle slightly upward, while displays above eye-level should angle slightly downward.

At Alliance Telecommunications, our technicians will work with you to find the best digital signage installation to meet your specific needs. We can install everything from a single-display solution to a large-scale video wall in your Jersey City, NJ, location.

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