Make Meetings Better With a Crestron Conferencing Solution

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Improve audio-video conferencing, multimedia presentations, and scheduling with an all-in-one solution

The global pandemic that has consumed most of 2020 is set to change how we work and conduct business permanently. Even after returning to in-person work and meetings, things such as remote work, virtual events, and video calls are here to stay. In this new, hybrid landscape, your New York City, NY, business needs conference room and meeting space solutions equipped for remote audio-video conferencing, in-person meetings, and a combination of both.

All-in-one conferencing systems from Crestron Electronics can be deployed in conference rooms, huddle rooms, executive offices, and other meeting spaces to deliver all your communication and collaboration needs. Keep reading to learn four features Crestron systems have that foster and improve productive meetings.

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Native Integration With AV Conferencing Platforms

Crestron meeting space solutions are natively integrated with Microsoft Teams and Zoom audio video conferencing software. Native integration enables one-touch start, join, and end for meetings with a mix of in-person and remote employees.

Crestron conference room systems also offer interoperability with other popular collaborative platforms, including Skype for Business, Slack, Cisco, WebEx, Amazon Chime, and GoToMeeting.

Room Scheduling

According to market research, scheduling a meeting is one of the biggest pain points executives and managers face in the workplace. Common mistakes like double-booking a meeting room or failing to book a room at all often lead to confusion, frustration, and lost productivity.

Crestron room scheduling makes it easy for anyone to reserve a room in a Crestron-connected space. Crestron scheduling software directly connects to Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Google, AdAstra, and CollegeNET calendaring platforms. You can book meeting rooms using a wall-mounted touchscreen in the hallway, a tabletop touchscreen in the room, or through the web-based app.

At a glance, it’s easy to check the day’s scheduled meetings and locate available meeting rooms and times. At a touch, it’s easy to schedule, cancel, reschedule, or extend a session.

Wireless Content Sharing

Crestron systems come with built-in AirMedia for wireless presentations. With AirMedia, meeting participants can display content from their own devices (laptops, mobile phones or tablets) and make presentations from their seats. Bring your own device (BYOD) solutions simplify content sharing because participants are more comfortable using their personal devices rather than presenting a PowerPoint or video from a shared computer.

As a bonus, tools like AirMedia help your business create safer, touchless meeting spaces.

Crestron XiO Cloud™ Management

Configure, deploy, and manage an unlimited number of conference rooms with Crestron’s XiO Cloud. Cloud-based management allows your IT team to remotely monitor all Crestron-connected meeting spaces from one web-based platform. You can approve a single settings change or firmware update that will roll out to all devices at once, ensuring every room is up-to-date within minutes. XiO Cloud also offers status updates, instant alerts, and usage data on all devices. Your IT team can provide remote support for malfunctioning systems.

At Alliance Telecommunications, our technicians are experienced Crestron installers. We’ll help you design and implement the conference room solutions your New York City, NY, business needs for productive meetings, content sharing, and AV conferencing. Call us or fill out a contact from to schedule a consultation.

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