4 Audio Video Solutions That Improve the Conference Room Experience

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The latest AV technologies make your meeting spaces faster, more accessible, and more interactive

For employers and employees alike, meetings are a necessary evil in the workplace. Too many businesses suffer from frustration, fatigue and productivity loss because they don’t have the right AV equipment and systems to facilitate efficient meeting flows. Modern technologies can help make conference rooms more straightforward and faster to use, and more collaborative.

Keep reading to learn four commercial audio video installation solutions that can improve the conference room experience for everyone in your Newark, NJ business.

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Add an Interactive Whiteboard

Smoothly transform your meeting into a collaborative brainstorming session or training experience with an interactive whiteboard. A digital whiteboard — also called an interactive flat-panel display (IFPD) — allows meeting participants to write on, draw on and annotate the displayed content, encouraging group-wide engagement with presentations. Interactive whiteboards also allow meeting participants to share content from a laptop, desktop or tablet to the board, allowing teams to discuss materials, exchange ideas, edit documents and collaborate in real-time.

Once the brainstorming session is over, you can save documents, visuals and all the notes to send to team members.

Set Up Wireless Presentation

How much valuable meeting time do you waste searching for the appropriate cable or dongle to let a team member share a presentation from a personal laptop? Or even worse, how much time is wasted when team members all present from a shared, stationary computer?

A wireless presentation system makes content sharing fast, effortless and accessible. Presenters can comfortably navigate their own devices to share documents, find supporting materials quickly and control multimedia presentations.

Integrate Video Conferencing

Integrate video conferencing software directly into your audio video installation for more streamlined video calls. With an integrated solution like Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams Rooms, you can start video meetings with one-touch control in your conference room.

Upgrade Your Office Network

The network infrastructure is the foundation of all technology in your meeting spaces. A robust network solution ensures that you can connect with video calls instantly, have lag-free audio and video for conference calls, download and upload programs and files quickly, and allow team members to connect to the network for wireless presentations. Additionally, your network should have security protocols and firewalls to prevent outside hackers from breaking in. As we learned earlier in 2020, Zoom video calls can be hacked without security safeguards in place.

Finally, we recommend remote monitoring and management services. Alliance provides 24/7 monitoring, IT support and systems maintenance to ensure that your network is up and running smoothly at all times. If a problem occurs, we’ll be on hand to fix it before your business suffers too much downtime.

Have more questions about any of these solutions? Turn to Alliance Telecommunications for a commercial audio video installation to make your conference rooms and meeting spaces easier to use and control. We service commercial organizations of all sizes in Newark, NJ, and surrounding areas. Call us or fill out an online contact form to set up your first consultation.

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