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The past year has seen a reduced use of office spaces, and in particular, conference rooms. While it is true that many of the ways we communicate are altered for good, there will always be a need for dedicated spaces to meet and collaborate with colleagues across the country and around the world.

A good conference room provides a number of advantages over remote only connections with the right AV equipment installed. Providing an exceptional experience requires clarity, collaboration, and confidence.

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See and Hear Clearly

Conference rooms are about communication; we assemble in a dedicated space to share and solve projects. You can have the most impressive ideas or solutions, but if the people on the other end cannot see or hear you, it is a lost opportunity.

A 4K ultra-high-definition camera and flat-panel screen provides you with the ability to see and show every detail of a presentation. Body language and non-verbal cues matter a lot in open discussions and negotiations. The high-dynamic-range contrast levels, millions of pixels, and infinite colors mean you will never miss a moment.

Being heard is crucial; garbled or noisy audio derails meetings more than any other factor.  Good audio imparts authority and trust – when you speak, attendees should be focused on your words and ideas, not trying to hear through the clutter. Adding dedicated microphones and processing that automatically switches between speakers and reduces distracting noises allows you to be heard clearly every time.


Collaboration and Cooperation

Sharing ideas means using decks, videos, and other graphic representations to fully communicate concepts. While standardizing can help streamline things, it is beneficial to have the flexibility to present from BYOD devices, Whiteboards, and streaming platforms.

Enabling presenters to connect directly from their device saves time by avoiding uploading content first. Any pitch becomes format and app agnostic. Wired and wireless solutions furnish quick and easy to use connections; focus on the material and not awkward fumbling.

Often solutions are crafted in real-time during a meeting where complex ideas need to be demonstrated in drawings and notes. Connected Whiteboards furnish the means to have all participants, near and far, see the ideas expressed as they are drawn. When the meeting is done, all parties can retrieve a copy of the final presentation from a central server.


Connection Confidence

All the best preparation and presentations mean nothing if you do not have confidence in your conference room AV systems’ reliability.

The data network is the backbone of business communications; trusting that your connections are safe from unwanted prying eyes and unwarranted bandwidth issues is a top priority.  We design, maintain and manage enterprise-class networks that can accommodate audio-video, digital signage, conferencing, and standard business operations.

Rooms are a limited commodity and need to have their availability managed. Scheduling and access control guarantee that no two meetings have a claim to the space. Installing a software and hardware solution means you can make the most efficient use of the conference room and employees’ time. Centralized access management prevents rooms from being hijacked by mistake and limits access to only the intended parties.

High technology needs human oversight. The day-to-day operations require trained technicians; keeping these folks on your payroll can result in higher operating costs.  We understand that your staffing needs vary, and hiring full-time employees can be time-consuming and financially untenable. Alliance staffing services provide a qualified workforce providing you expert services only when you need it.

Conference rooms will always be needed; we furnish the technology and people to make your meetings profitable.


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