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It has been said that the foundation of our modern information society is built upon an efficient telecommunications network. Investing in a robust, reliable network infrastructure is one of the single most important decisions a business can make.

Whether you rely on a teleconference to resolve problems on an international project, engage in e-commerce, or manage logistics, your network cannot fail you. At Alliance Telecommunications, we ensure that your business’s data backbone operates with minimal downtime and keeps you secure.

As a premier telecommunications contractor, we provide expert engineering, installation, and maintenance of critical information infrastructure for New York City, NY, commercial institutions.

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Engineering and Project Management

The core strengths of a communication infrastructure installer are in engineering and project management. Bringing the system elements together intelligently means that complex projects are delivered on time and on budget.

A network is only as good as the communication paths provided. Implementing structured cabling systems throughout an entire building or facility requires the knowledge of how wire runs and space use can affect system performance. We work closely with architects, contractors, and integrators to review potential problems and coordinate schedules, saving you time, money, and headaches.

As a provider of audiovisual solutions, we understand the needs of modern business communications and how to accommodate cutting edge presentation technology with corporate security concerns. We intimately understand the entire ecosystem of collaboration systems, automation control, and sensitive data transfers. The mission goal is to make it all work the first time, not just our part.

Proactive Managed Service

Once a system is installed and running, you will want to protect your investment. Avoiding significant and expensive downtime due to equipment failures is why we offer proactive remote services.

Our remote managed services ensure that all components of your system are operating at optimal capacity. We regularly schedule network diagnosis and analysis to catch any growing issues and preventive upgrades and maintenance without interfering with standard business workflow.

Qualified Manpower

Information technology needs oversight: systems go down, new equipment and workspaces need to be installed. These day-to-day operations require skilled individuals, which can be a strain on operating budgets. We understand that staffing needs fluctuate and keeping on full-time employees can be financially untenable and time-consuming.

With Alliance staffing services, you can have a qualified on-call workforce to provide expert and certified services only when you need them. Our role as a leading provider of communications and audio-visual human resources means we are uniquely positioned to connect companies with experienced technical and engineering professionals.


Have more questions about any of these solutions? Turn to Alliance Telecommunications to make your network communications more robust and secure. We service commercial organizations of all sizes in New York City and surrounding areas. Call us or fill out an online contact form to set up your first consultation.

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