5 Factors to Consider While Planning a New AV Installation

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Make sure you know exactly what you need before making a significant investment 

Is your Morristown, NJ, business due for a new AV installation this year? AV is undoubtedly a top priority for many offices, universities, and other public spaces that need robust and reliable systems for audio-video conferencing, touchless conference rooms, and remote education.  

The right AV setup facilitates better communication and collaboration across organizations of all shapes and sizes. But many moving parts go into installing the best AV solutions for your needs  have you thought of all of them? Here are five crucial factors you need to consider.   

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1. Primary AV Needs

What types of AV solutions are most beneficial for your needs? You may need a conference room set up for audio video conferencing and smaller, flexible huddle room solutions in an office spaceYou may need interactive whiteboards, motion-tracking cameras, and powerful microphones for streaming lectures and presentations in a universityYou may need digital signage for advertising and an intercom system for music and store-wide announcements in a restaurant or retail store. 

Before digging into more detailed project requirements, make sure you have a firm idea of what you need to help your business operate more efficiently. 

2. Cabling Requirements

We highly recommend hiring an expert cabling contractor to build a structured cabling system that connects all your AV hardware to your power circuits and data network. A poorly designed and implemented cabling installation causes fire hazards, spotty Wi-Fi performance, wireless dead zones, glitchy video, increased interference, and slow network speeds.  

3. Data Network Infrastructure

Today, most organizations are dependent on internet connections to perform vital business functions. Now that you’re ready to add new AV systems to your network, it’s time to ensure your current solution can handle the increased bandwidth needs. An experienced networking company like Alliance Telecommunications can evaluate your network infrastructure and offer recommendations to ensure you have the speed, bandwidth, and security to support all your operations 

4. System Management

Does your company have internal IT to monitor, maintain and support your AV installations? Alliance offers AV managed services to safeguard your technology investments. We provide proactive monitoring and maintenance to ensure your data network and AV systems operate at peak performance. When technology malfunctions  as it’s bound to do at some point  we have 24/7 support services. We’ll provide timely remote or on-site assistance to reduce downtime and lost production.   

5. Budget

The most expensive equipment isn’t always the best choice, and manufacturers are always trying to oversell you. Let a knowledgeable integrator like Alliance help you find the best equipment and tools to meet your needs and budget requirements.  


Are you feeling more prepared to start your AV installation in Morristown, NJ? Call us or fill out an online form to set up a consultation with our experts.  

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