3 of the Best Applications for PoE Lighting in Commercial Buildings

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Discover The Best Commercial Spaces that Benefit from PoE Lighting 

The building industry is going strong, and thanks to new building software and technologywe can build projects that are fast, efficient, and under budget. But with an increase of focus on building smarter, more energy-efficient buildings, building and energy codes are becoming more restrictiveLuckily, industry professionals have risen to this challenge to provide the technology not only to meet but exceed federal and local codes. One such area is with lighting technologies, with PoE lighting being one of the newest and most effective ways to control building lighting. Here are three types of New York City businesses that can benefit from a PoE lighting installation 

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Complete Control of Multilevel Office Buildings  

Open office spaces and buildings with multiple level businesses stand to benefit the most from PoE lighting. This is because the amount of data that can be shared through the ethernet cables to lighting systems will allow for a variety of integration with other building systems, such as HVAC and security systems. This means that building owners can implement additional controls to meet their energy management goals. For example, instead of lighting controls acting independently on schedules or from occupancy sensors, they can be integrated with a heating and cooling system to adjust lighting levels based on space temperature.  Plus, PoE lighting is low voltage and does not require conduit, thus cutting more energy and first-time installation costs.  

Additional Security for Schools and Universities  

Institutions are another building space that can benefit from PoE technology. This type of lighting can carry information through its cabling, so the lighting itself can be adjusted based on parameters in a building’s automation system programming. One benefit to schools and universities is integration with security systems. Lighting in an energy-saving mode can be programmed to communicate with campus security systems when cameras detect movement or an alarm goes off. They could be programmed to come on in certain areas when the security system is enabled, lighting egress pathways.  

More Efficient Lighting and Occupant Comfort for Hospitals  

Like office buildings, hospitals stand to gain energy savings from implementing PoE type lighting in concert with energy-efficient LEDs. The data transferred by the cables can also report energy consumption on a more granular level that can provide building-level data to hospital administrators. But another added benefit is that this type of smart lighting can be programmed and operated to do many functions, such as dimming. This intuitive lighting style could be programmed to enhance lighting levels, for example, in operating rooms, and dim lighting levels nightly in individual patient rooms. Adjusting levels to provide simulated daylight during the day and dim at night helps the moods, and overall health, of patients and staff alike.  


There are many applications for PoE lighting, and as automation controls become more advanced, so will the ways in which occupants can utilize this style of lighting. If you’d like to learn more about PoE lighting, reach out on our contact page or give us a call at 1-800-730-8870. 

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