Answering Your Questions About Structured Cabling Installations

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Learn what structured cabling is used for and how it will benefit your business operations 

structured cabling installation is an investment in your future. Looking ahead, businesses are only going to require newer, faster, and more elaborate technologies to support business operations, communications, and collaboration across commercial industries.  

Structured cabling is the secure and organized infrastructure that supports all the tools your Morristown, NJ, business uses daily  like office telephones, Wi-Fi services like email and video streaming, and security systems. And it’s designed to be highly flexible, scalable, and adaptable when the time comes for you to add new tools and services.  

Keep reading to learn the answers to commonly asked questions about structured cabling 

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What Uses Does Structured Cabling Support? 

Structured cabling supports the tools you need to carry out daily business operations. Common uses include: 

  • Audio video conferencing systems 
  • Multimedia presentation systems 
  • Wi-Fi
  • Security and surveillance devices (cameras, sensors, access control) 
  • Smart lighting control 
  • Datacenter management 
  • Paging and intercom systems 
  • Telephones 

What Are the Primary Benefits? 

Structured cabling offers multiple benefits that support your day-to-day operations and changing technology needs. The primary benefits of a structured cabling installation include: 

  • Centralized organization. With structured cabling, all your devices and technology systems are connected to the same cabling infrastructure, vastly reducing the complexity of managing multiple wiring infrastructures. Cables and components are neatly organized and labeled within the system, ensuring that your IT team can swiftly pinpoint the issue and resolve it when a problem arises.  
  • Scalability. Structured cabling systems are designed with growth and adaptability in mind. They “futureproof” your infrastructure so that you can easily add components and expansions. Installations have a very high-bandwidth to support new telecommunication services and applications.  
  • Fewer workflow disruptions. An unorganized cabling structure leaves your business network vulnerable to downtime, slow connections, and slow internet speed  leading to workflow disruptions and lost productivity. An organized design streamlines the troubleshooting and repair process when issues arise.    

What If I Move Locations? 

Because structured cabling installations are extremely organized and labeled, they’re not complicated to disassemble and take with you to your new business location. Of course, we don’t recommend undertaking this task yourself. Reassembling your system entails designing the wiring and cabling infrastructure for a new site, transferring and installing your physical hardware, and transferring and reprogramming your network services. You need the help of an experienced cabling contractor like Alliance Telecommunications to ensure that everything goes smoothly during the move.   


If your Morristown, NJ, business needs an expert structured cabling installation, call Alliance Telecommunications for the job. Our team will design and install a robust infrastructure with high-bandwidth capabilities to meet your technology needs today and prepare for your needs in the future. Call us or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.   

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