The Perfect Conference Room AV System Setup

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Optimize your AV system design to make the most of your space and ensure excellent system performance  

Love them or hate them, meetings are a fact of life in the workplace. And while you can’t control everything, there’s a lot you can do to make office meetings more efficient, engaging, and effortless. A well-designed conference room AV system setup allows you to operate complex AV systems without technical difficulties, deliver multimedia presentations that everyone can see and hear, and facilitate content sharing that prompts group discussion and engagement.  

So what do you need for the right setup in your Morristown, NJ, conference rooms? We’ve got the answers here.   

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Your conference room needs a display screen for presentations, webinars, audio video conferencing, and content sharing. If you have a hybrid team with mixed remote and in-person employees or make a lot of video conference calls, we recommend multiple display screens or a video wall in your setup. You can dedicate one screen to a presentation and one or more screens to the conference call view that showcases the remote attendees 

LED flat-screen displays are bright enough to handle ambient light while delivering sharp, high-resolution picture clarity to make multimedia presentations pop. In large conference rooms, a video wall can display 4K content in a larger space so that everyone can see clearly.  


With video conferencing on the rise, it’s time to invest in quality cameras for professional meetings. One solution to consider is a 360-degree camera that captures the conference room in its entirety. A 360-degree camera with automatic tracking and auto-focus on the person who is speaking makes meetings more comfortable for everyone. Remote employees or business partners don’t have to suffer from a non-existent or back-of-head view of employees in the conference room. Meanwhile in-person participants don’t have to leave their seats to position themselves in front of the camera.  

Microphones and Speakers 

Poor audio kills meeting productivity, and the microphones and speakers in your laptop won’t cut it for professional callsWe recommend sensitive, enterprise-grade microphones that are designed for conference room use. Depending on the room size and room acoustics, microphones can be installed on a tabletop or in the ceiling to create a less cluttered look. High-quality speakers can also be installed in the walls and ceiling so as not to take up valuable space.    

Video Conferencing Software 

An integrated video conferencing solution is the most effective way to hold remote meetings, communicate, and collaborate with a hybrid workforce. All-in-one solutions like Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams Rooms effortlessly combine audio, video conferencing, screen and content sharing, and room scheduling. When conferencing software is integrated with conference room hardware, presenters can start and stop meetings with one button press in a matter of seconds.  


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