4 Reasons Why AV-as-a-Service Is the Business Model of the Future

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The commercial sector is shifting to embrace AV solutions that are more scalable, flexible, and budget-friendly

Do you know many people who still use cable, DVDs, and Blu-ray discs as their primary media entertainment sources? Probably not, because most people have switched to watching movies, TV shows and other forms of content on subscription-based streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. The subscription-based model allows people to choose and pay for precisely what they want from their media content.

The commercial industry is undergoing the same shift from an ownership-based to a service-based market with commercial AV equipment and AV systems. AV-as-a-service is growing in popularity due to its scalability, flexibility, and budget-friendly features. Instead of investing large amounts of money into purchasing AV hardware, businesses can lease equipment as part of a service package that includes installation, monitoring and maintenance.

Under a leasing contract, the burden of managing complex AV systems falls to the vendor — not you. Keep reading to learn four reasons why AVaaS is the business model of the future for organizations in Newark, NJ, and across the U.S.

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1. It Promotes More Efficient Budget Management

AVaaS is a cost-efficient solution for businesses with budget restraints and tight cash flow. Tying up your liquid cash flow in a large and costly purchase can leave you in a vulnerable position for paying down operating costs and debts until you recover the loss. Leasing AV equipment in a subscription-based model boils your AV expense down to a predictable, affordable monthly payment. A single monthly payment is easier to budget for, and your subscription plan will include everything you need — equipment, installation, monitoring, support, and maintenance. Additionally, your business will be able to afford newer technologies that may not have been financially feasible to buy outright.


2. It’s Scalable and Flexible

After your commercial integrator has installed one AV solution for your business, it’s easy for your provider to replicate and add additional solutions in multiple areas. Since all your AV systems will be done under the same service, installation, monitoring and management processes will be standardized across the entire organization. If you need a new huddle room system in the middle of your current contract, your installer can seamlessly integrate the new equipment into your existing infrastructure without disruption.


3. It Helps Companies Meet Evolving Technology Needs

Your commercial AV systems are a depreciating asset — more so than ever before with the rate of technology advancements. When you purchase AV solutions outright, you’re trapped using those systems until you’ve recovered the financial loss from buying them. AVaaS offers you the chance to evaluate your AV solutions at the end of every contract to determine if they’re still the right fit for your company’s changing needs. At the start of a new contract, you can upgrade to newer technologies and add or remove equipment as needed.

Staying up-to-date with the latest technology tools can help your organization meet customer needs and match or exceed the services your competitors are offering.


4. It Includes Management and Maintenance

Many organizations don’t have the time, resources, budget, and people to support in-house monitoring and maintenance for AV systems. With a subscription-based package, you’ll have expert and reliable support on hand for monitoring, maintaining, troubleshooting, and repairing your vital technology assets. Having proactive monitoring and dedicated IT support can help prevent system downtime that costs your business money, productivity, and credibility.


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