4 AV Technologies Redefining the Modern Workplace

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These are the biggest AV installation trends making an impact in corporate spaces

The events of 2020 drastically changed the world as we know it. After over a year of living through social distancing, lockdowns, and a devastating virus, people are finally starting to return in droves to offices and corporate spaces in Morristown, NJ and across the U.S. But employees are not returning to the workplace as it once was.

The challenge for today’s AV installations is to rise to meet the new normal the coronavirus has created. Keep reading to learn four AV trends that are redefining the modern workplace.

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AV for Hybrid Meetings

Flexibility, adaptability, and simplicity rule the day in meeting room design for the modern workplace. Post-pandemic offices require AV installations that accommodate hybrid meetings with a mix of in-person and remote employees. Additionally, user-friendly controls that allow employees to begin meetings and share content within seconds are a must-have to facilitate efficiency when participants aren’t all in the same place.

Integrated, all-in-one conferencing systems like Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams are the best solutions to support new hybrid meetings. Zoom Rooms and Teams Rooms enable one-touch creation, connection to, and scheduling of meetings, wireless content sharing, and interactive whiteboarding. These integrated solutions are scalable for any sized meeting space — from huddle rooms to boardrooms to training rooms.


Touchless AV

The shift to touchless AV is one of the most significant transformations the AV industry has undergone in recent years. Health, wellness, and safety concerns have never been as prevalent in conference room design as they are now. A slew of hands-free and touchless tech solutions is hitting the market to meet workplace needs for more connectivity with less contact.


  • Wireless content sharing. More contemporary meeting spaces are equipped with BOYD (bring your own device) technologies that enable wireless content sharing. Employees can project multimedia presentations to the room display from a personal device without leaving their seats.
  • Touchless audio. Touchless audio devices like contactless microphone arrays mounted on tabletops and ceilings allow meeting participants to speak and be heard clearly without passing around individual mics.
  • Mobile room control. In September 2020, Crestron released a mobile room control upgrade for Crestron conferencing rooms. The feature allows a meeting leader to control the entire room — AV systems, video conferencing, lights, shading, and more — from their smartphone. Expect to see more mobile room control solutions emerging over the next few years.
  • Touchless sensor technologies are becoming more widespread to facilitate hands-free room control. Lighting and temperature sensors automatically turn lights on or off and adjust the climate based on room occupancy. Occupancy sensors alert administrators when a room is too full for safe distancing.


Digital Signage

While digital signage was already rising in popularity, the coronavirus pandemic placed the value of digital communications in a new light. Companies recognize the importance of having methods to communicate vital information quickly and clearly to employees, customers, and the public. Digital displays are also an innovative tool for allowing companies to disseminate messages, encourage engagement and collaboration, and make connections in a touchless, hands-free way.


Network Upgrades

AV solutions like wireless content sharing, conference room automation, and cloud-based conferencing systems share a common requirement: a robust network infrastructure. Before moving ahead with multiple AV upgrades, businesses need to determine if they have the network capacity and bandwidth available to manage more connected devices and systems. And with corporate cyberattacks on the rise, now is the time to reevaluate and upgrade network security protocols and firewalls.


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