3 Features Your Conference Room AV Systems Should Have

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Are your technology systems designed to support efficient and productive meetings? 

Your conference rooms and executive boardrooms are valuable business assets. Conference room AV systems with high-end displays, sound systems, and room control are costly to install, maintain, and repair for workplaces in New York City, NY. 

Your business has a vested financial interest in ensuring conference rooms meet their primary purpose: supporting efficient, productive, and collaborative meetings. If a system goes down during a critical discussion or room users waste 25% of a meeting connecting wires and turning on equipment, your business is hemorrhaging time, resources, and money.   

What can you do to optimize conference room AV efficiency? We list three ideas below.   

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Integrated Room Control 

Increase efficiency and productivity in your conference rooms by integrating all AV equipment and room subsystems with a centralized control system. Take command of the entire room — audio/video equipment, lighting, shading, networking, and climate — using a single touchscreen, keypad, mobile device, or even voice control. One button press can power on the sound system and LED video wall display, dim the lights, and lower the shades to prepare for a presentation. Waste less time setting up equipment and adjusting room settings so that meetings can start on time without technology hiccups or delays.   


Integrated Video Conferencing 

Remote video conferencing meetings flourished in 2020, and they are here to stay for the foreseeable future. An all-in-one video conferencing system like Zoom Rooms or Microsoft Teams makes starting and scheduling video meetings effortless. When you integrate conferencing software into your conference room AV hardware, you can start or join a meeting and wirelessly share content with one tap on your control device (like your touchscreen tablet). 

All-in-one solutions like Zoom Rooms and Microsoft Teams also come with features like interactive whiteboarding and calendar integration for room scheduling that make meetings more cohesive and collaborative.  


Remote Monitoring and Management 

Who is overseeing your conference room AV systems? Does your company have a plan in place if a technology failure occurs? Is your in-house IT team equipped to deal with system-wide failures?  

Technology failures and system downtime cost your organization time, money, productivity, and resources. A managed services provider can provide proactive maintenance, 24/7 systems monitoring, remote and in-person support, and maintenance to prevent system-wide crashes and keep your systems at maximum uptime.  


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