Let Alliance Manage Your End-to-End Commercial AV System Installation

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We take a full lifecycle, unified approach to AV systems integration — learn what that means for you   

AV systems are a significant business asset for commercial and public organizations across all industries in Morristown, NJ. Planning a new commercial AV system installation — whether it’s one executive boardroom in the office or a multi-display digital signage project in a convention center — requires careful consideration of budget, business needs and objectives, end goals, and post-installation support to ensure that your new system will bring value to the organization. 

To make the most of your AV investment, you need to be working with a partner who will manage your project from start to finish. At Alliance Telecommunications, we take a full lifecycle, unified approach to all systems integration projects, no matter how big or small. Keep reading to learn more about our process.  

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Before our team does anything else, we’ll have a thorough consultation with the decision-makers in your organization. We’ll discuss your business goals, expectations, budget parameters, what you need your AV systems to accomplish, and a timeframe to complete your project. Then, we use this information to recommend the tools, services and platforms that will best serve your business needs.  



Procurement is the process of finding and obtaining the equipment to build out your AV systems. At Alliance, we have in-depth knowledge on sourcing high-quality hardware and control solutions, and we maintain working relationships with top manufacturers in the AV industry. During the procurement process, our goal is to acquire high-quality equipment that will facilitate your business goals and align with your budget.  


Engineering and Integration 

A skilled AV engineer will oversee your entire systems integration process, including the planning and procurement phases. The engineer’s job is to ensure that your system has the right devices, tools, platforms, and solutions to meet your needs and budget. During the engineering and integration process, your AV engineer will create the installation plans, program the control system, and integrate all the individual components to function as a single system.  



Now it’s time to get into the physical labor component of systems integration: the installation process. During this phase of project deployment, our techs will lay structured cabling, set up equipment rooms and AV racks with system components, and connect everything to end-user devices in your building (or buildings),.  



Once installation is complete, we provide you with everything you need to know about your AV systems — detailed equipment lists, installation plans, testing reports, and more. That way, if something breaks, malfunctions, or needs to be replaced post-installation, you’ll have clear, detailed documentation on-hand for resolving issues.  



Our relationship doesn’t end post-installation. At Alliance, we offer managed services packages for monitoring, management, and maintenance. We’ll proactively monitor your systems, perform preventative maintenance to prevent downtime, update the control system programming, and perform on-site or remote repairs when necessary.  


At Alliance Telecommunications, our ICIA-certified professionals provide end-to-end services for AV systems projects of all sizes. If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation and receiving a quote, please call us or submit an online contact form 

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