Bring Your Team Back to the Office with Microsoft Teams

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Learn how Teams can keep your employees connected in the conference room, private office, and home office

In 2020, the balance between in-person and remote employees underwent a massive shift in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. A Pew Research Center study documented a transition from 20% of employees working from home before the coronavirus to 71% working from home by December 2020. And many employees enjoy working part or full-time from home — the same study reported that 54% of employees would want to work from home after the coronavirus outbreak ends.

Now, some employers are encountering reluctance as they begin to bring employees back to the office in New York City, NY. Many workers aren’t ready to give up the flexibility, convenience, and work-life balance they’ve found while working remotely.

What solutions can employers deploy to make the transition smoother while facilitating the flexibility and convenience employees want? One tool is Microsoft Teams for conference rooms, private offices, and home offices. Teams is a cloud-deliver unified communications platform that supports the hybrid workplace.

Keep reading to learn how Teams can help employers strike the right balance for in-person and remote employees.

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Teams for Conference Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms combine conference room systems like Crestron Flex with Teams software to facilitate faster and more productive meetings in key collaborative spaces. The Crestron Flex tabletop device has a built-in microphone and intelligent camera for superb audio and video, and it integrates with everything you need for a conference room meeting — Teams video conferencing, AirMedia wireless content sharing, room scheduling, and smart room control.

A Teams Room allows employees to walk into a conference room and tap one button on the tabletop device to start and join video meetings. Meeting leaders can adjust the lights and shades from the same platform. With AirMedia wireless presentation, anyone in the meeting can share content from a personal device with the room at large and remote participants.


Teams for Private Offices

A Teams solution can help individuals stay in contact with in-person and remote colleagues during the day from the comfort and privacy of an office. Crestron Flex phones provide the ideal desktop solution for executive and employee offices. A Flex phone integrates natively with Microsoft Teams software and includes a built-in microphone and 10-inch touchscreen. Employees can tap one button on the touchscreen to start and join meetings, find a contact to initiate a call, and check their calendars.

Throughout a busy day, employees can stay in contact with colleagues using the Teams platform on their desktop computers. Teams includes collaborative features like private and group chats and file sharing and editing in real-time.


Teams for Home Offices

Work from home is here to stay, but that doesn’t mean remote employees can’t enjoy the same collaborative experiences that in-person employees have in the office. At home, employees can use the Microsoft Teams platform on their laptop or personal desktop to chat, meet, and collaborate with team members scattered around the world. At-home employees can start and join video calls with the click of a button on the Teams app, participate in digital whiteboarding during video calls, chat with colleagues via DM or group chat, and share and edit files for team projects.

Additionally, Teams allows employees to integrate the content creation, productivity, project management, and custom apps they use day-to-day with the Teams platform. That way, employees can access all the tools they need to be successful no matter where they are.


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