Are You Meeting Employee Expectations for Conference Room AV Systems?

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Learn what workers want to see when they return to in-person work

For some Jersey City, NJ, businesses, it’s been more than a year since employees have stepped foot in the office to work. But before employers call on all their employees to return, company leaders need to take a hard look at existing conference room AV systems and determine if it’s up to par with new employee expectations.

The hybrid workplace — with some employees working from home and some from the office — has irreversibly changed the dynamics of the office and what employees expect from it. Does your business have the workplace technology employees want to work more productively and collaboratively? Keep reading to find out.

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Video Conferencing

According to market research, video conferencing is the number one AV solution returning employees want to see in the workplace. A global study by Barco ClickShare revealed that one in three workers surveyed view conferencing technology as the top investment priority employers should be making for the office.

Video conferencing platforms like Zoom and Microsoft Teams are no longer luxuries in digitally connected hybrid workplaces. Today, video calls are vital tools for partially or fully dispersed workforces to meet, communicate, and collaborate with colleagues.

All-in-one solutions like Zoom and Teams are a great investment for equipping multiple meeting spaces with video conferencing in a fast and cost-effective way. These platforms are software-driven, compatible with third-party conference room hardware, and easily accessible both in and out of the office.


A Great User Experience

In 2020, many employees spent over a year working mostly or completely from home. Consider how employees start meetings at home: they boot up a laptop, click one link, and instantly join a video meeting with high-quality audio and video. There’s nothing to plug in, nothing to sign into, and no settings to configure. Simply click and meet.

Now that employees are returning to the office, they expect the same easy user experience for in-person meetings. As a result, employers need to redesign conference rooms with integrated video conferencing and room control that enables one-touch control over video calls, presentations, lights, shades, and climate from a single tabletop device.


Collaborative Technology

Many employees enjoy the flexibility and convenience of working from home and would like to continue having remote work opportunities now that offices are re-filling. So what’s the draw for employees to return to the office?

The answer is collaboration and office culture. Employees value the connections and productivity that stem from in-person interactions with colleagues on high-value projects. The same study by Barco ClickShare cited earlier found that 37% of workers miss office social life and find it harder to collaborate when working remotely, and 45% find it easier to work with colleagues in the office.

Businesses can entice workers back on-site by equipping workplaces with engaging and collaborative technologies like video walls, digital signage, interactive whiteboards, BYOD (bring your own devices), and wireless content sharing that facilitate physical collaboration and in-person connections.


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