How Can AV as a Service Benefit Your Business?

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Efficiently Elevate Your Office Space with Leased Audio-Video

One of the best things about smart technology is that it is constantly evolving and changing as the years go by. However, this is also one of its most overwhelming features for some companies. It’s not that commercial automation and AV systems don’t benefit every part of an office space – it’s that with each year, they often require upgrades.

Are you searching for ways to keep your Parsippany, NJ offices up to date with the latest AV technologies but aren’t sure if you want to make such a huge investment?

AV as a Service is the perfect solution for your commercial space. Want to learn how this service works? Just keep reading below!

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What is AV as a Service?

With AV as a Service (AVaaS), you won’t need to bring an expensive company-wide AV system to your entire office building. Instead, this service’s monthly subscription lets you lease equipment from an AV integrator like Alliance Telecommunications!

This service doesn’t only cover standard audio-video components for your next video call or presentation. AVaaS provides for everything you could think of for your ultimate conference room design and beyond. The leased equipment can include screen displays, high-end microphones and speakers, automation and control systems, interactive smartboards, lighting and shading control, commercial security, and much more.

Not only does AVaaS entail this top-quality and extensive equipment, but it also includes professional installations, regular maintenance, and consistent support – plus ongoing training for your entire team to ensure you always know how to utilize your systems and technologies. AVaaS is the ultimate package, guaranteeing you always have the latest equipment and reliable support.


Reach Out to Alliance Telecommunications Today

As your trusted commercial AV integrator in the Parsippany, NJ area, we provide AVaaS for your boardrooms and all throughout your office buildings. With this smart and convenient service, you’ll always have the best and most innovative technologies benefiting you and your team. You won’t have to worry about long-term investments and complicated systems that you’d have to figure out a way to fix. With AVaaS, you’re completely covered.

Want to learn more about AV as a Service from our team of professionals? Give Alliance Telecommunications a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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