Occupancy Sensors Help with Social Distancing at the Office

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Simplify the Return to the Office Space

As the world slowly returns to normalcy this year and the next, most companies are starting to see a new concept: the hybrid workplace. While many employees are still working from home, you might be bringing back an in-office team to work in your building again throughout the week or on select days.

However, shifting from a completely remote staff back to an in-office team comes with many new factors to consider. How can you ensure social distancing when you aren’t even sure how many employees and clients will frequent your New York, NY office?

Occupancy sensors are the perfect solution to help monitor this movement. Keep reading below to learn how this smart solution can ease the transition back into the offices!

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Measure Occupancy Levels

Bringing employees back into an office space, no matter its size, takes some getting used to – and some extra management. With installed occupancy sensors, you can easily view where people move throughout the day and how often certain areas are utilized.

Analytics show an accurate headcount in real-time, the distance between said people, and the flow from one room to the next. You can also measure the density of every area of your building, informing your decisions regarding social distancing and how to optimize your workspace.


Keeping Regulations & Regimes

While occupancy sensors let you know how your employees are moving and going about their daily operations, they also help you determine any cleaning routines that need to be in place. As you aim to keep your building clean and safe for everyone who enters, you can rest assured that you’re properly sanitizing and maintaining its upkeep by viewing your sensors’ data.

You’ll be able to see which areas are occupied most – and the spaces that are hardly ever used. You can double your efforts in giving specific rooms an even more thorough cleaning, effectively focusing your resources and budget in the right places. It’s time to provide peace of mind to your employees who are returning to the office. Occupancy sensors show them that you consider their safety a top priority.


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