How a Video Wall Installation Gives Your Company a Boost

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Improve Communications, Aesthetics, & Design in One Go

While you’re upgrading your Jersey City, NJ company’s décor and interior design, you probably aren’t thinking of how each component can also enhance your work productivity and efficiency. But integrated design elements can do so much more than offer a “wow” factor. This is especially true for video walls.

A professional video wall installation brings so much to your office or business space. From improving everyday communications and elevating the room’s aesthetics to delivering information to employees and clients alike – its benefits are plenty.

Want to learn more about a video wall installation for your company? Keep reading on below.

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How Does a Video Wall Benefit Your Business?

First impressions matter in a business. Whether for future employees or clients you’ll be working with – how your entrance, lobby, and entire office space look reflects how you run your overall company during daily operations. A video wall with its stunning and dazzling display can vividly showcase information, promotional videos, and any form of media you can imagine.

Spread news and make announcements – all while creating an inviting and informative environment in your building’s common areas and collaborative spaces. And just like any visual media in your commercial AV system, your video walls will be effortless to manage from one centralized source. Simply tap a button on your smart device to change what this vivid digital signage will show or say and make adjustments daily or on a whim.


Alliance Telecommunications Can Help

A video wall is more than just a simple screen put up in your building. Its high-end display and setup take far more than a few steps to implement – which means it’s essential you leave the entire installation process to the professionals. Our team at Alliance Telecommunications is equipped with the expertise and knowledge required for a proper video wall installation and setup.

We take your building and room’s layout into consideration, properly calibrate every technical component, and ensure the final result is to your unique preferences – surpassing what you had even envisioned for your commercial space. From start to finish, our team of experts has your project covered.


Want to find out more about bringing a professional video wall installation to your company space? Give our team at Alliance Telecommunications a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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