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Upgraded Meeting Spaces Make All the Difference in the Work Day!

The spaces where you and your employees collaborate and share ideas are essential components of your business in Morristown, NJ. However, if your boardrooms and huddle rooms don’t have the proper video conferencing solutions with up-to-date technologies, then you’ll likely face delays in production and even miscommunication. 

For video conferencing solutions that meet – and surpass – your standards, work with Alliance Telecommunications today to bring your boardrooms and meeting rooms into the modern age! Keep reading below to find out what these solutions can do for business and how our experts can set your company up for success.

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The Ultimate Conference Room Design

The best conference room design ensures that everyone in the room – and even miles away – is heard and seen. A hybrid workforce requires innovative video conferencing solutions that keep your in-office team, at-home employees, and clients located elsewhere engaged and connected via high-end audiovisual equipment.

So, how can you create this immersive, collaborative space? Upgraded screen displays and speakers are a must. High-fidelity audio will reach every ear when streaming from in-wall and in-ceiling speakers from makers like JBL. These speakers offer a robust surround sound setup, so everyone in attendance will hear clear and crisp audio no matter where they’re located. Additional acoustic paneling also keeps the room sounding its best, even when you have a meeting with dozens of people attending via a phone call or video chat.

For your screens, you need large displays that provide a vivid, high-quality image for any type of presentation. Whether you’re connecting on a video conference call or want to share a computer screen for important data or a slideshow, you need a large display to let everyone see with ease. Everyone will have the best seat in the room! One press of a button on a touchscreen gets the audio, video, and lighting ready for the presentation. At the end of the meeting, high-end projectors or flatscreens can remain lowered or conceal themselves with the tap of a button, letting you turn the boardroom “on” or “off” via your own smart device.

Work with Alliance Telecommunications Today!

Bringing these high-end video conferencing solutions to your boardrooms doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our team of experts at Alliance Telecommunications is here and ready to provide our professional services for your commercial projects.

Ready to give your video conferencing solutions a major upgrade? Give our team at Alliance Telecommunications a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We look forward to hearing from you!

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