Protect Your New York Business with Smarter Commercial Surveillance

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Bring Peace of Mind to Everyone in the Building 

Crime has been on the rise in New York City, troubling many New Yorkers who commute daily on the sidewalks and subway. If your business is looking for ways to improve security, and it’s been years since you’ve installed new surveillance technology, you may be due for an upgrade. 

Today’s commercial surveillance systems are intelligent enough to ‘know’ who is coming and going from your building and can trigger automated events, immediately contacting authorities in an emergency. 

Here’s how the latest surveillance technology keeps your New York, NY, business safe. 

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Nothing’s Missed with Video Analytics 

Surveillance cameras of the past could only do one thing: record continuously until you have a large backlog of video. Today, video analytic technology recognizes people, objects, and vehicles, allowing you to quickly search through video feeds. You can even search for specific physical characteristics and recognized faces. 

For instance, if someone suspicious visited the building in the morning and a crime occurred later in the day, you can see if they returned by locating subsequent visits through facial recognition. Your team can search for people based on gender, age, and even clothing color, making it easier to find relevant surveillance footage. 

Even before incidents occur, AI analytics can alert your security system if it notices unusual activity. You can create virtual ‘trip wires’ so that if someone walks past a certain area, the camera system will send a notification to your team. 

Video analytics is smart enough to avoid ‘boy who cried wolf’ scenarios. It won’t report every little motion, like pigeons at the back door or the routine mail delivery. But if it catches someone loitering after hours, the camera technology will recognize the difference and notify your security devices. 

Automatically Manage Who Can & Can’t Enter 

We believe the best way to avoid crime is to catch it at the door. Manage who can and cannot enter your business by installing an intelligent access control system. 

There’s no single way to approach access control. Some companies use keycards, pin codes, Bluetooth phone recognition, or fingerprint readers. Whatever method (or combination of technologies) is right for your company, Alliance Telecommunications can integrate your access control technology into a larger system that allows you to permit and revoke access, read logs of who has entered the building, and manage the system from one dashboard. 

You can also create multiple levels of security with access control. For example, the front door can remain locked until a key card is tapped. And then, at the elevator, staff will be required to share a pin code or their fingerprint to access the rest of the building. Everyone can have peace of mind, knowing that only authorized people are in the building. 

Surveillance Installations for Tri-State Businesses 

Ensure your New York business is a safe place for all. Contact Alliance Telecommunications to learn more about our surveillance solutions and installation services. We look forward to working with you! 

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