The Makings of a United Workforce: The Interactive Whiteboard

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Increase Communications, Productivity, Engagement, and Employee Retention

In 2020, the world became reliant on the Internet of Things (IoT) and technology to stay connected. Businesses realized, more than ever, the importance that communication and collaboration played in their success. Since then, we have looked on as casual lounging areas turned into huddle spaces and bedrooms became conference rooms. 

Salesforce reported that 86% of executives identified ineffective communication and collaboration as major causes of business failure. In contrast, numerous studies have shown that effective communication results in increased productivity, engagement, employee retention, and trust. 

So, you may wonder, what do the dynamics of communication in the workplace have to do with interactive whiteboards? The answer is how companies use this technology daily to enhance engagement and collaboration.

Let’s explore their uses and how businesses in Jersey City, NJ, use these remarkable devices. 

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The Makings of an Interactive Whiteboard

Interactive whiteboards have seen tremendous evolution. Today, these interactive large touchscreen displays allow employees to collaborate in real-time, whether at the office or halfway around the world. They enable participants to edit presentations and data and shift between projects effortlessly.

Gone are the presenter-led, linear meetings in the form of PowerPoint or other presentations, with the speaker clicking through slide after slide. Now, video and data collaboration applications and screen-sharing tools can be displayed side-by-side, allowing for productive and effective meetings, no matter the distance.

The following are just a few of the many benefits businesses achieve by using interactive whiteboards in meetings, video conferencing, and group brainstorming.

Increasing Engagement and Productivity

Many meetings consist of lengthy discussions on challenges, pain points, and how to overcome them. Then, everyone returns to their desk to sift through the notes, come up with solutions, and discuss them at another meeting. 

An interactive display allows people to change their “to-dos” to “done” by annotating documents instantaneously, with everyone involved and immersed in the same project. Now, your staff can edit and create presentations and papers in real-time, increasing productivity in ways that were once unimaginable.

Supporting DRIFT (Do it Right the First Time) and Camaraderie

Unless meeting-goers have expert transcription skills or photographic memories, most return from meetings unable to recall everything discussed. An interactive display solves this by allowing users to record presentations and meetings for later review. 

When in the meeting, workers feel more engaged, sharing information rather than sitting in an often-boring presentation. They feel heard, a proven factor in employee happiness, retention, and productivity. An interactive smart board provides one of the best solutions for working productively together, virtually and in real life.

Interactive displays also help create a successful remote workforce, allowing collaboration, engaging presentations, and breakout sessions while building camaraderie between on-site and off-site personnel. Because this tech pairs well with popular video conferencing programs, it offers seamless integration and ease of use.

At Alliance Telecommunications, we provide customized multimedia and audiovisual solutions that solve businesses’ pain points with hassle-free solutions. To learn more about the many different types of interactive whiteboards and the best solution for your business, or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Alliance Telecommunications today.

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