Increase Communications With an Integrated Business Phone System

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Drive Success With a Communicative and Productive Workforce

Communication is crucial in any business. Technology has advanced in so many ways, making communication easier than ever. Email, instant messages, and video calls all improve collaboration. Telephones are one of the oldest communication outlets and continue to remain popular, just with new and innovative improvements. 

Phones allow people to have in-depth conversations quickly, so there’s no extensive typing or waiting for a reply. Having a business phone system is still a great way to promote communication, which can lead to a more productive staff. Check out the benefits of including business phones in your Morristown, NJ, office.

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Inter-Office Communication

Some offices have moved away from phone systems in favor of digital communications such as Slack, chats, and email. But all of these solutions require typing, which is okay for a quick question, but not conducive for drawn out conversations. Additionally, the receiver may not see it right away. This causes a delay in response, which turns into a delay in work. And though video calls are replacing in-person meetings, not every conversation requires a video component.

An integrated business phone system makes it easy for your employees to communicate amongst themselves. Every employee can be equipped with a phone that has its own separate number, but is also linked to every other phone in the office. Employees can dial the extension of the coworker they are trying to reach to call them to ask quick questions or go over a project in more detail.

Improve Client Support

If you’re a customer-facing business, you know how crucial customer service is. A business phone system can help your employees provide stellar support. Context and key information can get lost over email, and some conversations are really best held over the phone. Employees can easily call customers from their phones and customers can reach your employees any time by dialing their extension. Your employees can record voice mail greetings, messages when away, and much more.

Professional Phone Installation

Installing a phone system that spans your entire office may seem daunting, but Alliance Telecommunications is up for the challenge. We are experts in engineering and project management, and will stay communicative throughout about the design, timeline, and budgeting. We’ve helped many companies, large and small, across the country develop large data network infrastructures, like IP telephony. We will also continue to provide support after the install is complete to ensure all of your technology continues to work flawlessly.

Are you ready to upgrade your Morristown, NJ, office with a premium business phone solution? Contact Alliance Telecommunications today! We can provide advanced, seamless technologies and infrastructure to help your business drive success.

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