The Benefits and Challenges of Collaborative Workspaces

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Collaboration has long been known as one of the cornerstones of a successful team. It results in increased productivity, higher employee retention rates, and enhanced communications.

Today, these spaces have become more than interactive onsite rooms where ideas are exchanged and brainstorming leads to business breakthroughs. Thanks to 4K displays, smart microphones, wide-angle cameras, wireless casting technology, video conferencing software, and digital whiteboards, these spaces have become the space where remote workers and onsite staff join forces for seamless collaboration.

And yet, many of these collaborative workspaces, whether boardrooms, conference rooms, or huddle spaces, are not being used to their full potential. Let’s explore the issues these rooms face and how you can help your team in New York City, NY, become even more productive.

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The Downsides of Technology

You’ve likely attended a meeting that left you feeling like you wasted an hour or a good part of your day. Probably more than one. It could have been the 15 minutes it took for the lead to connect to the conference room display, the audio that was less than clear, or the issues with remote attendees that required technical assistance from the IT department.

In some instances, it’s the total lack of collaboration—a long, detailed monologue that resulted in several team members staring blankly out the windows. For some, it was a very uncomfortable setting, whether due to the temperature or lighting. Sound familiar?

The Benefits of Advanced Technology 

Fortunately, your collaboration workspaces can be so much more. Today’s technology doesn’t require an IT administrator to set up the video conferencing. Now, video and audio capabilities and advancements in software have made it possible to start a meeting with the touch of a button and turn any space into a collaborative work area. 

If collaboration is the vehicle for increased productivity, then the AV and software equipment within the room is the engine. You can reduce any logistical challenges by ensuring your spaces have the following: 

  • Today’s standard 4K UHD display to enable clear images
  • A user-friendly control panel that enables participants to push one button to launch presentations, connect to remote attendees, and adjust the lighting, shades, and temperature. One tap on the control panel also enables a seamless transition between video conferencing and screen-sharing.
  • High-quality microphones and speakers that reduce echoes and feedback
  • A wide-angle camera with smart technology that focuses on the speaker
  • A system that provides report support services, if needed 

At Alliance Telecommunications, we understand the pain points you face as you gear up for the seemingly never-ending changes in today’s workforce. We’re here to make that journey easy and help your company reduce travel costs and increase productivity in the process. To learn more about creating productive collaborative workspaces or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Alliance Telecommunications today.

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