Digital Signage in the New World

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Digital Signage Installation Companies Make Businesses More Efficient, Competitive & Productive

In a more streamlined, highly competitive, and often unpredictable business environment, companies across a wide range of industries must adapt to stay in the game. A modernized workforce and clientele require new, more efficient means to connect and interact.

At Alliance Telecommunications, we are amongst the leading digital signage installation companies in New York City, NY, offering smart, interactive signs engineered for this new world of ours!

Read on to learn more about the role digital signs play in keeping everyone at work connected, efficient, productive, and ready to face the challenges and opportunities ahead.

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Optimal Communications

Digital signage is great for any type of business. Small and mid-sized stores will benefit from highly visible, interactive signs and video walls, drawing customers inside with fun, engaging imagery. For larger companies, these benefits get even better! For example, chain retail, convenience, and grocery stores often send out ads and communications to multiple locations in town. So, how can management make sure their message remains constant across all stores? You guessed it, digital signs! And best of all, by synching all signs to a central platform, these ads could be easily modified or updated with just a screen tap. 

Aligned to Your Needs

During our initial consultation with your team, we’ll work with you to find out the digital signage solutions that would work best for your business. Depending on whether you want to inform, entertain or guide, your digital signage size, shape and content will be different. Our digital signage installation company has experience working in a wide range of verticals and will develop unique, scalable solutions for your business. Not only do all our installations boast high-performance audio and video capabilities, but also easy content management platforms that make it easy to adjust your messaging as needed. 

High-Level Support 

That all sounds great, but with hundreds of signs and other AV equipment at work, how can you expect to keep track of everything? That’s where our line of staffing and managed services comes in! To keep your signs and other equipment working up to the highest standards, we can catalog all system hardware, conduct periodic evaluations, update control systems, upgrade equipment, and deploy specialized technicians when needed. So, no matter how unique your digital signage goals may seem, Alliance has the brand partnerships and expertise to turn it into a reality!

You can email us at to learn more about our managed services, or contact one of our technology integrators and get started on creating a more engaging and efficient workplace.

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