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Streamline Conference Room Communication with These Premium Automation Solutions

Many businesses rely on communication to make business decisions, streamline work, secure clients, and so much more. Much of this communication takes place in conference room meetings, and the prominence of hybrid and remote work has made video conferences more relevant than ever. 

With remote video conferencing as an everyday necessity, you need to ensure your New York City, NY, office can effortlessly handle multimedia meetings and presentations. Commercial automation systems integrate your audio and video solutions to create a seamless conference experience. But with so many commercial automation solutions, it can be tricky to find the best one for your business. Keep reading to see a breakdown of three of the most prominent commercial automation brands: Crestron, Extron, and Poly Studio.

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Crestron is a leader in automation for workspaces and homes. They make a variety of solutions, from conference technology to lighting and shading, offering a variety of AV processors, cables, speakers, microphones, and so much more. Anything you might need for your office, Crestron probably has.

One of their most popular video conferencing solutions is Crestron Flex. Crestron Flex is compatible with Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms and can seamlessly integrate all your conference room speakers, cameras, and microphones into an effortless meeting experience. You can also get a video sound bar for small room solutions. For larger rooms, you can integrate a series of speakers and cameras.


Extron sells a series of touch panels and processors as well as in-ceiling speakers, microphones, and cameras. The TouchLink Pro touchpad—available as a wall mount or a tabletop device—gives you easy control over all the technology in your conference room, allowing you to adjust the volume, turn technology on and off, and more. It’s great for video conferencing as well as presentations and collaboration. 

Poly Studios

Poly Studios makes conference room technology for rooms of all sizes, from small focus rooms to large conference rooms. Poly Studio sells entire kits, including a touchpad, processor, and video and sound bar compatible with Windows Teams or Zoom Rooms, depending on your preference. The dashboard makes it easy to connect to your meetings and seamlessly integrates all your room’s AV for a simplified video conferencing solution.

Picking the right commercial automation system can be tricky, and it really depends on your spaces and needs. If you want to elevate your New York City, NY, conference room with automation, contact Alliance Telecommunications today! We can help you choose the right solutions, brands, and products to create a seamless commercial automation solution. Our expert team will install everything into your conference room and integrate it so you can easily communicate with remote clients and employees as if they were sitting in the room with you.

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