The Zoom Room Advantage

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A Zoom Room System Will Bring Your Company into the Forefront of a New Business World

Today’s conference rooms are different from what they used to be, and that’s a good thing! Many employees are working remotely, and many others have opted for hybrid work. However, the core of your workforce remains at the office, taking care of critical, daily on-site tasks.

For you, the challenge is to efficiently connect all remote and in-person employees, which could be as simple as a screen tap with a Zoom Room system. If you are in Jersey City, NJ, our team at Alliance Telecommunications can transform any room in your office into a fully-equipped and optimized Zoom Room!

Read on to learn why a Zoom Room is the perfect meeting place in a world of remote and hybrid work, helping you seamlessly connect with your clients and employees.

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What Are Zoom Rooms?

For most of our clients, the first question tends to be the same. What exactly is a Zoom Room? In a nutshell, it is a conferencing solution that integrates meeting room audio/video hardware with Zoom software, connecting clients and employees in multiple locations. 

Zoom Rooms are most useful for audio conferencing, sharing a screen with remote employees, or video conferencing with clients across the globe. Anyone with proper authorization can join the video call. It provides a management platform for managers to quickly set up, reschedule, and cancel meetings, letting participants in with a single tap on the screen or touchpad. A helpful system upgrade is Zoom Device Management, or ZDM, which offers greater remote functionality and ease of use. With ZDM, you don’t need extensive expertise to manage multiple rooms, devices, and clients.

In a business world defined by a remote and hybrid workforce, there is no place to connect like a fully-equipped and integrated Zoom Room.

Zoom Room Equipment

To get started, you only need a computer and a smart device with the Zoom Rooms app. However, you can add high-quality AV hardware to make your Zoom system more effective. We carry the best AV products available and will install and automate them for optimal efficiency and connectivity. We’ve got your back, from setting up and troubleshooting your office network to programming and integrating cameras, speakers, display screens, touchpads, and audio systems.

A Professional Installation

Setting up a Zoom Room on your own may be tempting, but integrating and automating multiple technology systems is much more challenging than it seems. We are experienced in finding the perfect solution for your office space and designing an effective communication system that fits your requirements. Contact us today to learn how we can help, and together we will bring your company into the future.

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